This Cocker Spaniel’s Impressive Hair Makes Many Think She’s Wearing A Wig

amazing hair cocker spaniel thinking wears wig

Lola, a three-year-old cocker spaniel who lives with her family in Leeds, England, often turns heads wherever she is, all thanks to her gorgeous hair. Even her gorgeous blonde hair is so gorgeous that people often ask her adoptive mom, Rebecca Dobson, if her pup wears a wig.

Rebecca says that because Lola’s hair is known as a “perfect blonde”, there are people who take photos of their dog to show their groomer the exact color they want in their own hair.

The woman told Metro UK:

“Because the hair on her head is such a different color from her body, people immediately assume it’s fake. They either think she’s wearing a wig or it’s been dyed in blond, which I find very funny.”

Cocker spaniel pretends to be wearing a wig

amazing hair cocker spaniel thinking wears wig

Rebecca says:

“They’re so surprised when they’re told it’s completely natural because of how beautiful it is.”

amazing hair cocker spaniel thinking wears wig

But the truth is, Lola’s fabulous fur wasn’t always so spectacular. When she was just a little pup she had a strange light fuzz all over her body, luckily for her, over time it got longer and blonder as she got older.

Rebecca assures:

“We didn’t expect him to look like he does now. But when I first noticed how long his hair was, I was so excited to start combing it and styling it. accessorize them. I love playing with her hair and she loves when I do too.”

amazing hair cocker spaniel thinking wears wig

For Lola this never seems enough when it comes to attracting stares and attention, she usually reacts very excited and won’t stop wiggling her adorable blonde cock as a sign of joy.

Rebecca adds:

“She turns away when people care about her. She enjoys human attention more than other dogs, so when people stop and bother her about her hair, she’s happier.”

amazing hair cocker spaniel thinking wears wig

The woman adds that Lola even now has her own nickname, they usually call her “Lady Lola”, and everything seems to indicate that she appreciates the attention she receives, and of course all the good things in life.

Finally, the dog’s mother added:

“She loves getting her hair dried and also enjoys a cup of tea and scrambled eggs on Sunday mornings. Lola is the cutest dog in the world and is always by my side.”

Images: Facebook / Rebecca Dobson

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