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The American curl cat stands out for its ears and, although it is a relatively young breed, it is tremendously popular in its country of origin, although not so much in Europe or other continents. American Curl-eared and sweet-looking, “curls” are affectionate and sociable felines who adore the company of their family.

American Curl
American Curl

You want to know more? In this breed sheet file of Pets Feed, learn more about the American Curl cat breed. The origin of the breed, appearance, character, colors, care, and photos.

Breed history

As is clear from the name of the breed, its homeland is the USA. The history of the American Curl dates back to 1981 in Lakewood, California. Locals named Ruga found a black kitten with unusual ears. It turned out to be a girl – she was called Shulamith. Six months later, in her first litter of 4 kittens, two were born with the same ears wrapped.

Since 1983, professional breeders began to engage in the selection of a unique gene. The American curl was even interested in the famous English felinologist and geneticist Roy Robinson. He studied 383 kittens from 81 litters and confirmed that the gene for swirling ears is unique. In some ways, the breed is similar to the Siberian cat breed.

American Curl
American Curl

Characteristics of the American Curl cats

The American Curl is a unique cat, and it is unique in its unusual shape of ears, the ears of these cats are bent! The bent shape of the ears was the result of a natural mutation of the gene responsible for the shape of the ears, so this breed can be considered naturally arisen, rather than artificially bred. There is a huge variety of colors, while the fur of cats is dense, soft, silky.

These cats are perfectly folded, harmonious, with a tight physique, American curl cats do not suffer from excess weight, they are slender, not massive. The neck and chest are strong, well developed, the body is flexible, strong legs have rounded pads.

On the wedge-shaped head there is a nice sweet muzzle, soft profile contours, a straight nose with smooth transitions to the forehead and chin. American curl cats look at the world with clear shiny eyes of a pleasant nutty color, a little obliquely set from which the gaze of cats acquires a certain charm and charm. But the most striking feature of the appearance is the ears of the American curl cats, open, at the base the wide ears of cats bend back in a smooth arc, while the angle of inversion of these soft and flexible tips can vary from 90 to 180 °.

It is important that the ears of such an unusual shape are absolutely healthy, unlike the Scottish fold ears, which are prone to ear diseases just because of the fold. Interestingly, American curl kittens are born with regular ears, on the fourth day after birth, the shape of the ears begins to form, which finally forms in cats by four months.

Average weight: 2.5-5 kg.
Life span: 13-15 years

American Curl
American Curl

American Curl character

American Curl cats are very gentle, they appreciate the owner’s attention, caress with pleasure and do not strive for independence. These cats love to be among people, are not afraid of big noisy companies and strangers. American Curl are very suffering from loneliness, so they should not be left alone for long: from a long and frequent being alone, a pet may even have problems with the nervous system. These cats can easily travel and move because they are attached not to the place, but to the person.

These cats have a somewhat canine character: they are easy to train and educate, smart and understanding, they will be happy to accept encouragement from the owner in the form of a favorite treat for a fulfilled command or good behavior. In addition, they easily get used to walking on a leash.

These are very peaceful and balanced cats with a calm character. The American curl cats not subject to panic and sudden mood swings and, as a rule, are in a good mood. They don’t make a mess in the house, they don’t mess up and even meow very rarely, and if there is a need to give a voice, they make quiet sounds. These pets get along well with children and feel comfortable in the role of a nanny.

American Curl cats are not intrusive and feel good at the owner’s mood, while they prefer to take part in all household chores – whether it’s general cleaning or washing; They are interested in what family members are doing. They are curious, and therefore very fond of exploring new places, exploring unfamiliar objects, looking into every corner.

American curl cats are quite mobile and playful cats; therefore, they prefer active games, they like to jump on tall pieces of furniture. By nature, they are well physically developed and have good musculature.

American Curl
American Curl


Representatives of this breed are prone to obesity, for this reason it is necessary to carefully monitor how much the cat eats. It is important to correctly determine the daily norm of food and strictly observe it.

The claws of the American curl cats grow very quickly, and it is recommended to cut them once a week. Particular attention should be paid to the ears: because of their unusual shape, they are not as flexible and soft as other breeds, so they need to be processed very carefully and carefully.

Since American Curl cats are highly adaptable, they do not need special living conditions. They will feel great in an apartment of any size. The main thing is that the home is not cold or hot, too dry or too wet. In addition, they are not afraid of noise and extraneous sounds from the window.

If you plan to install a special house for your pet, it should be placed at a height of one meter from the floor: this way the cat will be able to jump into shelter without any problems while maintaining his physical shape.

Another very important element of proper care is a balanced diet with professional premium and super premium food. It is the finished feed that contains the necessary balance of nutrients that meets the needs of cats.

American Curl kitten
American Curl kitten


A study of the genetics of the American curl showed that this breed did not inherit any particular defects and tendencies to diseases. The only mutation that has occurred with these cats is twisted ears.

However, it is worth remembering other cats with a mutation of the ears – Scottish fold. Homozygous representatives of this breed have dysplasia of the hind limbs and tail. So, the question remains open about the risk of developing defects in cartilage and bone abnormalities in homozygous curls. Although the reviews of the owners say that with proper care, nothing like this has been noticed.

In any case, American curl cats need to clean their ears more often. At the same time, this must be done carefully so as not to damage the hard cartilage: do not stretch or straighten your ears.

American curl cat
American curl cat

American curl fun facts

  • The first American curl kitten, a girl, was called Shulamith. They found her quite by accident.
  • Experts believe that the breed bears similarities with Siberian cats. Perhaps they have common roots.
  • For the first time for cats, the CFA has decided that both longhaired and shorthaired varieties have the right to exist.
  • According to show measurements, spotted representatives of the American curl cats should always have regular blue eyes.
  • American curl kittens are born with straight ears, which curl up by 2 months and take their final shape by 4 months. Buy a kitten at this age, if you do not want to risk and get a representative of a different breed instead.
  • The maximum ear curl is considered a good sign for exhibitions. However, the tips do not touch the animal’s head. This may serve as a reason for his disqualification.
  • American Longhaired Curl kittens cost in the range of $ 60 – 1000. In addition, it depends on the breed variety and compliance with show standards, which of these two different numbers breeders ask you for.
  • Nurseries began to breed the breed quite actively only in 2000. She is the first, where cats with completely different fur lengths are officially recognized. Therefore, immediately after that, she actively began to gain popularity. Today, the relatively low starting price is due to the fact that there is an opportunity to find such a kitten for purchase.



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