A Woman Rescues Injured Stray Dog, Shocked To Discover It Was A Coyote


A young Mexican woman, Andrea Athie from the city of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas State, located in the north-east of the country, found an exhausted ‘dog’ with a fractured leg on the side of the road, and decides without hesitation to save him.

She urgently takes her to a veterinary clinic to get the necessary care.

Andrea Athie Injured Stray Dog Coyote

The vets told Athie that the stray animal she brought back was not a dog but a wild coyote.

Andrea Athie Injured Stray Dog Coyote

“When I saved it, I thought it looked a bit weird, but I did not know it was a coyote. I was told it was dangerous, but I insisted it was a dog.

The coyote was crushed by a motorist who did not stop to help him. He was limping by the side of the road.

The story made the buzz on the Internet when Athie’s brother, Alejandro, tweeted pictures of the wild coyote saying:

“Today, my sister found a COYOTE thinking it was a injured dog and took him to the vet.

Andrea Athie Injured Stray Dog Coyote

Andrea jokingly replied, “Why did you burn me like that? Haha, I love you. “For all those who are interested, she added, Pancho (the coyote) received the medical care he needed and was in good condition.

The coyote, who, she says, was very friendly and never tried to attack her, would receive five days of intense treatment so that her hind legs could be healed.

Andrea Athie Injured Stray Dog Coyote

“For him, he must have the best possible quality of life and not have to suffer. Every effort is made to recover it. It’s a wild animal. Pancho does not react as expected, everything is done for him [but] he does not want to eat or cooperate.

“I never thought my story would be so popular online. We want to bring the coyote back into its natural habitat, but it does not respond to treatment and we want its legs to heal completely. We are looking for alternatives. It’s a wild animal out of its natural habitat and it seems to be depressed, but we still try to treat it. “

Images: Andrea Athie

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