10 Angry Cats , That You Don’t Want To Upset

Angry cats

Many of us like cats, have owned a cat – or more likely, have been possessed by one. We all know the joy that cats can bring us, even when they are unpleasant.

What if your cat gets angry?

Here is a collection of photos of angry cats that you will not even want to think about touching.

Her name is Shamo (シャも)

Good Vs evil who will win?

Positive affirmations every morning.

Yes, yes. Sleep human. Now ! I’m watching you !

I’m going to have my revenge…

What are you looking at ?!

Angry cats
Instagram : pompous.albert

Just An Angry kitty

Food. Now! Hurry up

Don’t talk to me

Angry cats
Instagram : loki_the_sphynx

She is not upset

Angry cats
Instagram : marugaodesuyo

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