10 Angry Cats , That You Don’t Want To Upset


Many of us like cats, have owned a cat – or more likely, have been possessed by one. We all know the joy that cats can bring us, even when they are unpleasant.

What if your cat gets angry?

Here is a collection of photos of angry cats that you will not even want to think about touching.

Her name is Shamo (シャも)

Angry cats
© afinedrizzlex / Imgur

Good Vs evil who will win?

Angry cats
© Sakeen / Imgur

Positive affirmations every morning.

Angry cats
Instagram: princess monster truck

Yes, yes. Sleep human. Now ! I’m watching you !

Angry cats
© ASS2MOUTH / Imgur

I’m going to have my revenge…

Angry cats
© LalaLissa / Reddit

What are you looking at ?!

Angry cats
Instagram : pompous.albert

Just An Angry kitty

Angry cats
© MunteanValentin / Imgur

Food. Now! Hurry up

Angry cats
© Killomen45 / reddit

Don’t talk to me

Angry cats
Instagram : loki_the_sphynx

She is not upset

Angry cats
Instagram : marugaodesuyo


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