Angry stray cat attacks men and dogs ONLY


An angry stray cat , in an Istanbul market, attacks men and dogs but is peaceful when it’s a woman or a child.

The CCTV video went viral on the Turkish online community, showing the fury of a stray cat on a man and a dog.

Fenomen kedi market cat

The cat lives in the streets of the Byrip Pasayenido district of Istanbul, Turkey. This cat is usually sitting in front of the supermarket. It is a cute, unobtrusive cat that likes to play with women and children. But if a man or dog passed by then The hunter’s instinct in this little tiger immediately rise up.

Fenomen kedi market cat
Fenomen kedi market cat

According to the Daily Mail website on March 24, 2019, video footage from the CCTV in front of the supermarket have recorded the actions of this orange cat many times. From the clip you can see that the cat is siting in front of the supermarket door, when there are children and women passing by, it will sit idly, do nothing and go in to play too. If children come to play with it, it’s no problem.

Fenomen kedi market cat
Fenomen kedi market cat

But whenever a man has passed by It immediately attack. Whether it is a man who’s walking indifferently. Or a man who wants to enter the store,

For this cat, all men as enemies. Dogs are also targets.
Whether stray dogs Or a dog with its owner, the cat attacks immediately.

After a vet check up, it is normally a very calm cat but has recently taken to launching itself at men and dogs.

Neighbour Ali Aydin said the cat had recently had kittens and could be trying to defend them from perceived threats.

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