Anxious Dog Gets Her Own Emotional Support Puppy

Anxious dog has emotional support puppy

When Billie’s foster mom Anna Love realized her adorable Labrador puppy was suffering from separation anxiety, she knew she had to help. It didn’t take long for Anna, from Florida, USA, to realize that the six-month-old dog hated being alone.

Anna told Metro UK:

“Billie is so sweet and friendly to everyone and all the dogs, but she doesn’t like to be left alone. She definitely suffers from separation anxiety and also gets anxious in cars.”

Anna believed that Billie needed someone to keep her company while she was alone, so Gus came into her life. The intention of having a second dog was for Billie to have a partner to snuggle and play with that would make her feel safe when she was home alone.

Anxious dog has her own emotional support puppy

Anxious dog has emotional support puppy

Anna says:

“Gus helps keep her calm and gives her another partner to play with when we’re busy. We were worried that Gus might not be as nice or cuddly as Billie, or that he might not like her. The truth is that he loves her more than I or my husband could have imagined.”

Anxious dog has emotional support puppy

Gus has helped Billie feel more confident and safer when left alone or taken in a car. He also comforts Billie in stressful situations.

Anna thinks having Gus come to her house was perfect for Billie. The pup has been a great support for his sister, who has learned to manage her anxiety issues through his company.

Anxious dog has emotional support puppy

Finally, Anna says:

“Gus helped Billie become more independent, and she doesn’t need attention like she used to. So now Billie is more independent and knows it’s okay to do her own thing.”

Images: Anna Love / Caters News

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