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When he arrived at the shelter, it seemed like he would never trust anyone. The best was yet to come

The owner of a dog named Zia was convinced that her pet needed a friend. She chose as her playmate an animal who had experienced a tragic ordeal. She wasn’t sure the shy toddler could cope with completely new conditions, especially with another adult dog by his side. The first few days were very difficult, but over time both dogs began to enjoy each other’s company. A breakthrough in their lives was only a matter of time.

The dog could not enjoy life. She needed a friend

Moksha owns a butterfly dog named Zia. Unfortunately, the dog has always been very shy and withdrawn, which is why she has missed out on many things in life. Fortunately, she could count on the support of her guardian, who decided to cheer her up in a way she had never considered before. Moksha wanted to adopt a puppy because she thought only another animal would be able to bring Zia out of her shell. Moreover, the woman was convinced that the young, energetic and curious animal would make Zia infected with joy and the desire to explore everything around her.

While browsing the ads for animals for adoption, she noticed a dog named Ansel. She fell in love with him at first sight, even though everything indicated that choosing this particular animal would involve many challenges. Ansel had a very difficult past which affected his psyche.

She adopted a dog after going through something serious. Physical wounds were healed, but emotional wounds remained open

When Ansel was only 9 weeks old, he went through hell. The puppy was found on the street with a serious neck injury. It is unknown what circumstances caused him to suffer so much, but there is no doubt that this event had an impact on the young dog’s psyche. Even once its wounds healed, the animal was not able to fully open up to the world. He winced and trembled at the slightest loudest sound.

arrived shelter would never trust anyone
@Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Fortunately, Ansel was able to count on the help of Zach, who is a representative of the Mutts Dog Rescue foundation. The man provided her with a temporary home and emotional support. Thanks to this, the puppy gradually began to gain self-confidence, and over time he changed to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

The puppy began to entice his owner to play and demand petting. Although everything seemed to indicate that Ansel was on the verge of regaining his confidence, everyone was worried about how he would cope with the move to his permanent home.

Ansel’s last guardian decided to change his name to Phoenix. She thought it was much more suitable for a toddler who faced enormous difficulties from the first moments of his life and overcame them all. Like a phoenix, he is reborn from his ashes.

arrived shelter would never trust anyone
@Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

The shy dogs moved in together. Together they gained courage and conquered the world

Moksha was ready to do anything for her new pet and Zia to establish a friendly relationship. Finally, the big day arrived when the shy puppy was introduced to the shy dog. The first days in their new home were difficult for Phoenix and Zia. At first, the dog tried to avoid the new family member at all costs, but the puppy was not pushy and respected the rules imposed by his older friend. It was only over time that the dogs began to enjoy each other’s company, and after the first few weeks of living together, they became inseparable. Their tutor describes the relationship between them thus:

“Zia shows him things. She was walking and he followed her. (…) They are renowned for doing everything together. (…). Zia was quiet and reserved and Phoenix brought her out of her shell.”

This story is a great example of the fact that friendship has magical power. Thanks to her, two dogs who struggled through life alone, but began to fully enjoy it together.

arrived shelter would never trust anyone
@Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue
arrived shelter would never trust anyone
@Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

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