This Assistance Dog Has Such A Sweet Way To Help His Best Friend

assistance dog way help friend

Certain animals are certainly destined to play an important role in the development of our lives, as they tend to develop skills which are of great help, especially for people who need them.

Bracha Fischel, is a very talented Israeli painter, who unfortunately suffers from quadriplegia, a disease which produces total or partial paralysis of the arms and legs. She has limited use of her hands and stays in a wheelchair, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing her beautiful art.

Bracha managed to keep painting beautiful pictures, but it should be noted that there is a lovable assistant helping him behind the scenes.

Assistance dog learns to feed his owner

Bracha painting

Due to her special needs, Bracha was assigned a service dog named Donna, and since they met they have become best friends. The relationship between the two girls has been very special, and although they’ve only been together for about a year, it seems like they’ve known each other forever.

Service dog

Donna came into Bracha’s life to make things easier for her, usually helping her with her daily chores like opening doors and picking up items. She always did her job very well, so much so that she even became the best assistant in Bracha’s artistic career.

Whenever she starts an art project, Donna gladly brings her the brushes or tool she needs to complete the job.

Donna painting

Bracha told The Dodo:

“Donna brings brushes to my mouth, as well as pencils, markers or whatever I need to paint.”

The intelligent dog has become a staple of painting, and is arguably already part of Bracha’s artistic team.

It’s very inspiring what Donna does, but it falls short of the most important way she helps her mother. Somehow, she analyzed that her friend needed to be fed, and instinctively, she learned to feed her in a very curious way.

Service dog eating

Donna is literally helping her best friend eat by holding a modified spoon in her snout and slowly feeding her.

Bracha commented:

“Apparently she’s the first dog to learn to do this.”

Since then, when it comes to lunch, Donna becomes one of the protagonists of the emotional moment, she is an example of true love. Their friendship has shown that it goes beyond a simple union out of necessity and that, on the contrary, Donna is there to love Bracha.

Donna seems very happy to serve her, knowing that she is helping her best friend have an easier life.

Donna and Bracha

Bracha said:

“We’re a good team. I couldn’t do it without her”

Now, every time Bracha finishes a painting, she knows that it is not only her job, but that it is also the result of her friend’s work.

adorable donna

Without a doubt, a story that shows how important animals tend to be to some people, we hope this friendship will stay together forever.

Images: Facebook / Bracha Fischel

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