At 70 Years Old, This Woman Lived With Her Dogs In A Car


Lynn Schutzman, 70, was forced to live with her two pets in her vehicle after the sudden death of her husband and high medical debt. Until his community is present.

Lynn Schutzman car dogs Ex-pharmacist Homeless woman

Lynn didn’t know what to do. Her husband died suddenly a few years ago and she is retired. Due to his many health problems, he has a huge medical debt.

The money was no longer enough and between living in his car with his two dogs, his only remaining family, or abandoning them to go to a shelter for people on the street, he chose the first option.

So overnight, the 70-year-old woman, a former pharmacist, found herself on the street.

I saved up to ask for a room at a nearby motel to shower once a month. The rest of the little money she received, she used to feed herself and her pets and pay for fuel for her “house”.

Lynn Schutzman car dogs Ex-pharmacist Homeless woman

Proud and kindly, the woman preferred to keep her situation a secret. For two years, people from the city of King of Prussia, in the United States, knew her as a kind and cheerful woman who had no problems. No one knew she was wandering around in her car every night to find a dark parking lot where no one saw her turn off the engine and sleep until the next morning.

This is until two women members of her community notice her precarious situation and decide to ask her for help. Just that, something as simple as a question, triggered a series of events that brought Lynn and her two dogs back to their heads again.

“Does anyone know anything about the old woman with two dogs who recently lives in her car under the Target parking lot?” Asked Jennifer Husband-Elsier in a social network group in the Nextdoor district.

Sadly, the woman confirmed that Lynn lived precariously two years ago. From the police and the homeless homes, they confirmed all the information she had gathered.

With her best friend Melissa Achaka, she decided to follow Lynn to ask her if she needed help. As soon as they found her, they knew that the woman was in a borderline situation and that they should help her.

To do this, they organized a donation drive on the GoFundMe site, where they explained Lynn’s situation and asked for help to get her out of the street.

While they were paying her for a hotel so that she could rest, the women started talking to the community in their city and within a few weeks they achieved their goal.

With over $ 38,000 raised, they got an apartment that accepted two dogs, painted it, furnished it, and turned it over to Lynn. In addition, they let him pay the rental value for two years.

The woman couldn’t believe what these two strangers had done for her, nor the love that her community had managed to translate into help in getting a place to sleep.

“It’s impressive. The community has done a spectacular job. The department is magnificent and has many personal touches,” he told ABC network in North America.

“It would not have been possible without the help of these angels. Sometimes a stranger’s solidarity is enough to make a difference in your life, ”she added enthusiastically.

  • Lynn Schutzman car dogs Ex-pharmacist Homeless woman

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