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The Australian Kelpie is a well known breed, and is highly valued in its country of origin. In fact, it is one of the most popular Australian dog breeds. His appearance, similar to the fox, combined with his character makes anyone who knows him fall in love. In this’ Pets Feed ‘ breed file, we will talk in detail about the Australian Kelpie dog , read on!

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie

Origin of Australian Kelpie

The origin of the breed is uncertain, but it has been shown that the kelpie is a descendant of Scottish dogs, all of different types of collie, who were brought to Australia to be used to gather large herds belonging to landowners . Some believe that it is the result of a cross between dingoes and border collies, but more precise documents reveal that the breed originates from collies in the north of England.

These dogs replaced the dogs that were previously responsible for raising sheep, but as the number and size of the herds increased, this became impossible, since the owners of the herds decided to use Shepherd, one of the most suitable for the climate was the Australian Kelpie, which is why the breed was very popular with Australian farmers.

Australian Kelpie

Physical characteristics of the Australian Kelpie

The kelpie is a medium-sized dog, with a fairly wide margin in terms of accepted weight, which is between 11 and 20 kilos, the height at the withers for males is 46 to 51 centimeters and for females 43 to 48, being a little bit smaller. The body is strong, very muscular and proportioned. They are well developed.

These dogs are very resistant animals because of the double layer of fur that insulates their hair from high temperatures and ultraviolet rays. This coat is between 2 and 3 centimeters long and is dense and hard, which makes it waterproof. The accepted colors are black, red, fawn, chocolate, smoke and combinations of black and tan and red and tan.

Their members are very elastic, which allows them to have great physical resistance. The head is broad and rounded, with a straight muzzle, ending with a truffle whose color will be in accordance with the coat, and almond shaped eyes. Its erect ears are medium and pointed.

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie temperament and behavior

The Kelpie is a very active dog and predisposed to perform tasks, he is extremely obedient, which reminds him that he comes from the Collies, because he is restless and at the same time very intelligent. These animals adapt easily to life anywhere, apartments, houses or land, although if they live in a place with little space, we must be very strict in terms of the time they spend doing physical activity because it is very important that they spend enough time exercising to keep them healthy and balanced.

If we have spent time socializing the puppy, the Australian kelpie coexists perfectly with children and the other dogs or pets we have at home, because in general we are talking about a fairly sociable breed.

Basic care

The Australian Kelpie is one of the most unpretentious breeds to keep. The only thing they really need is long active walks. Without exercise, these dogs become depressed and spend their energy destroying their own home. Otherwise, there are no worries with them, because they are not picky about food, they do not take up much space, and their wool is short enough, so there will be no shreds of long fluff in the apartment.

Kelpies tolerate both extreme heat and cold very well, so keeping in a private house will be ideal for them, especially if they can run freely around the yard. By the way, the harsh climate of arid Australia rewarded them with a unique quality – these dogs can do without water for a long time without harm. However, this should not be abused.

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie


The Australian kelpie needs at least 2 hours of exercise a day with as much free time as possible in a safe environment. If this dog is not getting the right amount of mental stimulation and exercise every day, he will get bored quickly and may even start to show destructive behaviors in the house, which is his way of relieving the stress that he feels and not necessarily because he is mean.

The coat of the Australian kelpie does not require too much dedication, because despite its length, it brushes easily, if we do it every week, we will be able to maintain a clean and beautiful coat. Bathing should be limited when it is essential or when our pet becomes too dirty, taking care that in cold weather, the hairs are completely dry.

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie


When feeding the Australian Kelpie, the amount and calorie content of the feed is calculated taking into account the employment of the dog, the conditions of detention, the season. Keep in mind that two dogs of this breed have a different metabolism, so the food is selected individually.

The Australian Kelpie spend a lot of energy. Therefore, he needs a large amount of protein and carbohydrates in their diet.

The menu with a natural method of feeding should be based on lean meat, large quantities of offal, as well as cereals in the form of cereals. In addition, the Australian Kelpie should be given cottage cheese, vegetables and unsweetened fruits, herbs. You can add a small amount of vegetable oil to the dish. Once a week it is allowed to feed with egg, boneless sea fish.

Banned for the Australian Kelpie:

  • Chocolate;
  • Smoked products and sausages;
  • Fried, spicy, salted and pickled;
  • Bones, especially tubular bones;
  • Fatty meats and fish.

Professional foods can also be used to feed the Australian Kelpie. It is advisable to choose only premium, super-premium or holistic brands, since high-quality components are used for their production, and their composition is balanced in terms of the content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Considering the energy consumption of such dogs, it is better to choose options labeled “for active breeds.”

Australian Kelpie puppies need to be fed a highly nutritious, good quality diet to develop and grow as they should. As a guide, it is best to feed them 3 or 4 times a day.

Once an Australian Kelpie puppy is 13 months old, it can be fed with food for adult dogs.

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie


The Australian kelpie is generally a very healthy and resistant dog, although it seems that the retinal conditions are more frequent in this dog than in certain other breeds, the problem with him is that he shows himself strong even when he is sick , so it is sometimes difficult to know what is happening to it until it is bad enough. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to respect the regular veterinary visits and checks, vaccinations and dewormers, as well as to properly maintain his eyes, mouth and ears, in this way we can keep most diseases at distance, and our kelpie can enjoy a long and healthy life with us.

The average life expectancy of an Australian Kelpie is between 12 and 15 years when it is properly cared for and fed an appropriate diet of good quality according to its age.

Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Facts

Positive points

  • The Australian Kelpie is an exceptionally loyal and trustworthy dog ​​by nature.
  • He is in a good mood having a cheerful temperament.
  • He is kind and patient with children.
  • The Australian Kelpie is very intelligent and eager to please.
  • It has a long lifespan.
  • It is best suited for people who lead active outdoors.
  • The Kelpie is easy to maintain on the grooming front.
  • It is a naturally clean dog and therefore training for the home is easy.

Negative points

  • The Australian Kelpie is not the best choice for new dog owners.
  • This dog likes to be busy and has a low boredom threshold.
  • A bored Kelpie can be destructive in the home.
  • It loses moderately throughout the year but more in spring and autumn.
  • This dog suffers from separation anxiety when left to himself.
  • The kelpie has incredible endurance and will continue throughout the day.