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The Australian Mist cat, also known by the spotted mist, is a medium-sized short-haired cat with a rounded head and large expressive eyes of different shades of green.

Australian mist
Australian mist

The Australian cat mist is not extreme: this cat is of medium size, with common bones and friendly faces. The coat has a pale background with a certain cut that seems to give it a hazy appearance, and a pattern of fine spots or marbled swirls, with the legs and tail ringed, “latticework” and lines on the face. Australian mist cats can have seven shades: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold and peach.

In this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ breed sheet, we will share with you all the information you need to know about the wonderful Australian mist cat.

Breed history

The name of the cat speaks for itself. These adorable creatures are native to Australia. Local breeders have been working for a long time to develop a unique breed of tetrapods. In the 1980s, Dr. Trude Straid made her research findings available to the public. She started them back in 1976. In 1977 the breed was recognized as Typically Australian. She managed to create a breed with the characteristics of several other representatives of different varieties. The Australian Mist combines the Burmese color with the ticked Abyssinian agouti and the spotted pattern of common pets.

April 1986 should be considered the month of birth of the first officially recognized pups of the Spotted Mist. So, the breed was originally named in the period when it was bred. And in 1998, the Australian Mist cats were also registered with a marbled color. In the same year, the name was finally established as such. Representatives of the breed are also called Australian smoky cats.

The result is a beautiful cat with a toned body and lightweight skeleton, characteristic of its wild color.

Native country: Australia

Other names: Spotted Mist

Australian mist
Australian mist

Characteristics of the Australian Mist cat

When it is a kitten, it has a robust constitution but when growing, it acquires a more refined appearance to compensate for their structure like that of a normal cat.

The size of the Australian Mist cat is medium and it weighs between 3 and 6 kilos for the males, and between 2 and 5 for the females. Being short-haired, it does not need too frequent brushing. The colors of this coat vary between brown, gray, gold or darker colors.

The coat always has small spots, known as mist, which are differentiators of this breed. Its head is round and of medium size, with a very pronounced chin.

Another of the characteristic elements of this breed are its eyes, of large dimensions which give it expressiveness with its look. They usually have a rounded appearance encompassing green hues.

The ears of the Australian Mist cat are of medium, broad and rounded point and have a long and broad nose.

Its legs are medium and muscular, which gives it the strength of the breed, and have a long tail which narrows when it reaches the tip.

Australian mist
Australian mist

Character and behavior of the Australian Mist cat

The Australian Mist cat is very tolerant of the handling of its close relatives and is distinguished by being a cat that adapts to small spaces without showing anxiety or discomfort. It is generally a playful, kind and friendly cat and not at all gruff. The Australian Mist cat appreciates the company and the attention of the people around him: he is a grateful and sweet cat.

The Australian Mist cat adapts to the different environments in which it is developed. Its kindness, sympathy and sweetness make it one of the best breeds to accompany humans and other animals. It of course requires a lot of attention for its moments of play and fun, so if you decide to adopt a copy of this breed, you must take this point into account.

Sterilized specimens have an affinity and a better relationship with other pets, whether cats or dogs, a characteristic trait that has been promoted by certified breeders.

Australian mist
Australian mist

Australian mist health

The general health of Australian Mist cats is quite good. If the cat is fed frequently and a lot, it can become obese. This pathology is fraught with the danger of developing diabetes and other problems. It is worth providing your cat only with fresh food and clean drinking water.

Some experts claim that such cats may suffer from acquired allergies. In this case, it is worth limiting contact with the pathogen and consulting a veterinarian.

Gingivitis is possible, so brushing your cat’s teeth is helpful. All health problems and diseases are treated only by a veterinarian. It is not recommended to do this at home.

The Australian Mist cat has a high life expectancy, between 15 and 18 years.

Australian mist
Australian mist

Basic care

A tangible advantage is that the Australian Mist cat’s coat is quite short and it is almost invisible that it sheds.

It is useful to comb your pet, ridding the skin of dead hairs of hair. He also needs to regularly brush his teeth and ears. For the first, use the toothpaste prescribed by the specialist. For the second, use a cotton swab.

The Australian Mist is cleanliness. Therefore, it is necessary to bathe it only if the animal was outside or is heavily polluted. Everything is driven by necessity, and here it is important not to overdo it.

Do not overdo it by taking your cat for a walk. This breed is distinguished by a tendency to homebody, as it is artificially bred. Better to play with her at home. This will solve two problems: save the cat from the risk of obesity and depression. He can fall into it from a lack of communication with the owner. But sometimes you can take your pet out into nature in a collar and on a leash. This will be a kind of training for a cat of this breed.

Australian mist
Australian mist


The main rule that breeders recommend to adhere to: feed cats at a ratio of 75 kcal per 1 kg of body weight.

Australian Mist cats will be grateful to their owner for meat and poultry, but fish twice a week. Boiled egg yolk, grated cheese, and yogurt are a good idea to replenish protein and calcium stores. However, this will not be the main food for the Australian mist.

Kittens are fed two or three times a day. When the cat is over six months old, you should reduce the number of meals to two times. It is worth giving preference to special milk for cats with a lower lactose content.

It is also not recommended to give up high quality industrial pet food for your pets.

Australian mist
Australian mist

Australian Mist fun facts

  • His name was Spotted Mist until 1998, when he began to present more characteristic patterns that made him want to differentiate himself from the current name.
  • The Australian mist cat is still being recognized by various feline associations which are hesitant to grant it the quality of its own breed.
  • The color acquires its final color by the age of two. Until that time, he may be quite pale.
  • A reddish tint on the nose and cheeks is present even in adult cats of a light shade.
  • Australian Mist cats can take on leopard colors. If they have a marble pattern, then symmetrical dark spots can be diluted with light blotches.
  • The main nurseries and breeders are based only in Australia. Because of this, the price of Australian Mist cats is quite high. Kittens can be purchased starting at $ 400. And this is just a pet kitten. There are also the most expensive categories called breeds and shows. They cost from $ 800 per individual.
  • The Burmese cat has 50% of the Australian Mist cats’ genes.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the Australian mist cat, you must take into account the above-mentioned aspects to provide him with the best environment, in which he will feel at ease and develop his emotional attributes with the greatest efficiency.


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