A bachelor party takes an unexpected turn when they hear a dog barking in the mud

bachelor party unexpected turn dog mud

Bachelor parties have their own rules. It’s the type of event where something should happen that the groom doesn’t expect at all. A group of young men in Minnesota, celebrating “man time” before the wedding of one of their own, have planned to spend some time water kayaking. Nobody would have thought that their adventure would end with a big rescue operation. During their expedition, they encountered a large animal that was lying in the mud near the shore and unable to move. They knew that apart from them, no one was there. Without their help, the dog faced certain death.

It was supposed to be a regular bachelor party on kayaks

A dozen young men from Minnesota, as part of a bachelor party, took a long trip by kayak. They chose the Minnesota River, where they were able to admire beautiful scenery for many hours and enjoy the fact that there are no tourists in the area.

They spent the day and the night on the water. It was nice, but the trip wasn’t too different from many other kayaking trips. Everything changed on the second day of the trip. Mitch White, one of the participants of the bachelor party on his social networks reports: “My nephew heard a dog barking behind him and turned the kayak to see what was going on…”.

His eyes met something he hadn’t expected at all. The pet in need immediately caught the attention of the whole group and changed the purpose of the trip. From now on, only the well-being of the imprisoned dog mattered.

The men spotted a dog’s head near the shore

It turned out that a St. Bernard dog was trapped just off the shore. It weighed at least a few hundred pounds, yet only its head was visible. The rest of the body got stuck in the mud. The animal was very exhausted, he must have spent many hours there. A dog trapped in wet sand must have had a nightmare.

Kayakers were well aware that not many people ventured into this area so the dog could have been stuck here a long time ago. They also knew they had to help him immediately. They used canoe oars as shovels.

The men quickly managed to dig up a large dog, but it turned out that the animal was too weak to stand on its own. So, they decided to call in reinforcements, they called in the Carver Fire Deaprment.

Saving the dog was really difficult

Even before the arrival of the firefighters on the scene, the participants in the bachelor party did everything to reduce the suffering of the dog. They gave him water, which he devoured a huge amount at a time. He also scavenged some meat from the men’s provisions prepared earlier.

Everyone involved in the rescue operation feared that the dog would not react enthusiastically to the desire to help. Such a large individual, if aggressive, could seriously injure someone. Fortunately, the animal was well aware that people wanted to help him.

With the help of firefighters, the dog was quickly freed and secured in the car. It turned out that the Saint Bernard‘s name is Ed. His owner has been looking for him for 24 hours. He was very worried about his pet, because suddenly disappearing like that wasn’t Ed’s style.

The guardians of the dog are very grateful to everyone who participated in the rescue operation of the dog.


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