This Dog Saves 7 Abandoned Kittens And Becomes A Surrogate Mother

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

We know that you love stories that touch the soul and make your eyes watery. This time, the protagonist is a beautiful husky dog ​​who has already moved half the world with her altruism and kindness. The dog, named Banner, three years old, is a support dog for people with disabilities, like her owner Whitney. But … Banner was not content with only helping her owner and wanted to change the world by giving the opportunity to a group of newborn kittens that they had abandoned in the middle of the forest. So small!

Banner found them and has cared for them like her own young all this time. It has shown us that, once again, dogs are much better living beings than many people and if they are in this world it is to fix the ripped and selfishness that many people have, who believe they have the right to violate the lives of some adorable little kittens who had done no wrong.

Banner knew how to see beyond this situation and gave us a lesson in altruism and humility by raising and caring for animals with only three days of life. It is awesome!

So, Banner is a total movie superhero who strives to make the world better and… She continually proves it! Her social networks, which already have thousands of followers, are filled with photos of a special dog who loves to dress up as a superhero and teach kindness to the world.

Aside from all of this, Banner is a child therapy bitch and doggy model for some brands. An amazing dog!

In Pets Feed, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this real heroine.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

Banner, an angel

Banner was raised from a very young age to care for others. With only a few months she began her training to care for people with disabilities and, since then, she has not abandoned her owner Whitney for a second and has become her life partner.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

The beginning

Banner and her family live in an area near a forest so it is common for them to go for a walk there. The dog has her time to investigate the terrain but one morning … something different happened! Banner found a sealed cardboard box in the woods with seven kittens barely three days old left inside, freezing and severely dehydrated.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

What happened?

Immediately our four-legged heroine warned her owner and guided her to the place so that she could free the little ones and they could take action.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens


Therefore, she gave hope to small beings who seemed to have no chance.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

A selfish act

“They probably thought that no one would discover them. I don’t even know how Banner knew they were there. The kittens were frozen and they didn’t meow or anything,” said their owner while stressing that it broke her heart that someone could abandon animals. “It’s an act so selfish that it tears me apart”.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

Maternal instinct

And is that Banner has adopted the kittens and has taken care of them like her own puppies, providing them with love, warmth and protection.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

The little ones

The kittens are growing up healthy and strong as well as happy. They do not stop playing although from time to time a super adoptive mother has to put order. It’s so sweet to see how happy they are!

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

A suitable house

Their owner has assured that he is already looking for suitable houses for them, in which they can live with families who will take care of them throughout their lives.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

A heart of gold

This humble and generous dog has shown us that where human selfishness takes its toll, they are there to solve it. She is a true superhero.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

Eternally grateful

The kittens will be eternally grateful to their mother dog for giving them the opportunity and hope that someone one day took from them.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

Warms the heart

This story is, therefore, one more example that the love of dogs for the world and life is unconditional and innate.

Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

Real heroine

With cape and mask to protect the world.

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