Beagle Adopts Baby Possum After Losing Litter Of Puppies


Molly was heartbroken, she adopts a baby possum and was able to fill the void left by the loss of her children

Molly is a beagle dog who was going through a very sad time, after tragically losing her litter of puppies at birth. Animals show unconditional love for her children, so Molly was devastated and heartbroken because of everything that had happened to her.

From being a happy dog, ​​she became a lonely mother who longed to have her babies; Molly’s parents didn’t know what to do.

The poor dog was bored all the time, trying to fill the void that had remained in her heart; so she constantly walked around her home.

Dog adopts a possum and takes care of it as if it were hers

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

One day, while Molly was wandering around the family home in the Gazette, southwest Victoria, Australia, a peculiar new friend appeared in her life. The dog returned to her house with a surprise clinging to her back; a baby possum that had been found in the field.

Apparently, the little creature had jumped on Molly’s back when she felt lost and she had taken it to her home to protect her.

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

Elle and Sara Moyle, Molly’s family, found the relationship between them very strange, but they noted that there was a special bond.

Elle and Sara told 9News:

They have been inseparable ever since.

Surely the connection between them was born because Molly is a mother, even without her cubs, and the possum was orphaned and needed a mother. Although they were both from different species, they needed each other to try to solve their problems of existence and being loved.

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

Elle said:

They are an unlikely couple, and I think the possum thought Molly was her mother and vice versa.

It seems that the possum they called ‘Poss’ appeared to alleviate Molly’s injuries, and at the same time she decided to adopt the little animal. Since the beautiful bond was formed, the dog has changed her mood, now she is happier than ever with her new partner.

They are completely inseparable, it is a true relationship between mother and son, they were definitely destined to meet, it was like love at first sight.

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

Probably the baby possum feeling abandoned, she was looking for a mother, and Molly clearly yearned to have a cub to take care of her and give her love.

Sara said:

It certainly lifted her mood, I think they both needed each other, so it was a fantastic relationship.

It’s a challenge for Poss to walk the Moyle’s Gazette property alone, but she climbs on Molly’s back and they happily tour the place. The dog protects the little possum as if it were one of her own cubs, and is happy to be able to take care of her.

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

Possums are nocturnal creatures, so Poss spends most of the day sleeping in a nearby tree, Molly waits for her and watches patiently.

Elle said:

Molly sits under the tree where she is sleeping and waits for her.

beagle adopts possum losing puppies

When the little possum wakes up, she immediately looks for her adoptive mother, and jumps on her back, to start roaming the area. Possums are wild animals and tend to explore nature at will, but for whatever reason, Poss doesn’t shy away from Molly.

Poss prefers to stay with the dog and spend a lot of time with her, as if he is protecting and treasuring her bond with her adoptive mother.

The story of Molly and Poss was so moving and inspiring for their parents that they decided to create an Instagram account to share updates with the public.

The family doesn’t know how long Poss’ relationship with Molly will last, but for now they couldn’t be happier for her and her adopted baby.