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The Beauceron is also known as the Beauce Shepherd is a sheepdog of French origin. It is a breed little known in Europe and in the rest of the world, but with different qualities because it is a very intelligent and active dog, capable of developing all kinds of exercises and following the orders that we offer.

Beauceron (French Shepherd Dog) is a rare breed. The number of these dogs today is not so great. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by fearlessness, strength and large dimensions. With regards to appearance, uninformed people can easily confuse a Beauceron with a Rottweiler or a Doberman.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog

In this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ breed sheet, we will detail with you everything you need to know if you are thinking of adopting a Beauceron dog. We will explain to you details about his character, his origins, his characteristics or the physical activity necessary to develop and be happy. We will also discuss the basic care this dog needs and the most common health issues.

Read on and find out if Beauceron is the perfect dog for you:

Breed history

The name “Beauceron” comes from the name of La Beauce (a neighborhood of Paris). It was on the territory of this area that the largest number of dogs of this breed was kept and the formation of the species, the process of its evolution, took place.

It is believed that the Beauceron is an ancient breed, but there is no exact data about the beginning of its history and about its ancestors. There are two versions regarding the origin of French shepherds:

1. The peat dogs of France were the ancestors of the Beauceron.

2. Beauceron is a descendant of wild wolves that lived in France, the similarity of the representatives of the species with these predators is undeniable, both externally and in character.

In any case, the Beauceron is a pure species that has been little influenced by genes from other breeds. Scientists admit the relationship of Beauceron with mastiff-like dogs, but this is just a guess, not a statement.

Initially, French Shepherds were used as herding and guard dogs. Their service consisted of grazing livestock herds and guarding the house and the owner’s property. But over time, the need for shepherd dogs declined and with this their popularity declined.

World wars have contributed to the fact that the number of Beauceron decreased to a critical number. The breed was on the verge of extinction. It was collected “bit by bit”. The breeders found a few surviving purebred French Shepherds and engaged in breeding work, the purpose of which was to restore an endangered species.

The work was crowned with success. Now the Beauceron is not threatened with disappearance.

Their purpose lies in the sentry service, they have established themselves as talented bloodhounds, policemen, military dogs and just loyal companions of their masters.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog

Beauceron physical characteristics

The Beauceron dog’s body is solid, powerful, rustic and muscular, but without giving the impression of heaviness. He is slightly longer than tall and has a straight back and a deep chest. The legs are strong and muscular and the backs have a double spur characteristic of the breed. The Beauceron’s head has a flat or slightly rounded cranial vault. The cranial vault and the upper plane of the snout are parallel. The nose is black and should not be split.

The eyes are slightly oval and are arranged horizontally. They can be brown or hazelnut, but always dark. For Harlequin dogs, eyes of different colors are accepted. The ears are semi-erect or hanging, and previously the breed standard required that they be amputated to give a more wolfish appearance. Fortunately, this custom has been lost and is illegal in many European countries, so the breed standard has changed and accepts natural ears.

The tail is long and low. It reaches at least the point of the hock and forms at its end a light hook in the shape of “J”. The breed standard makes it very clear that the tail should not be amputated.

The hairs of Beauceron are strong, short, thick, bushy and straight. On the body, it measures between three and four centimeters long, but it is shorter on the head. The inner layer is thin, dense and velvety. The fur of these dogs can be black and tan or harlequin.

The height at the cross of the males goes from 65 to 70 centimeters. Females measure from 61 to 68 centimeters. The ideal weight is not indicated in the breed standard, but the beaucerons can weigh between 30 and 50 kilograms.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog

Character traits and personality of Beauceron

The Beauceron is a confident, courageous and loyal dog. It is a very intelligent animal capable of learning the diversity of orders, words and actions. It is a wonderful dog that requires good treatment because corporal punishment, humiliation and bad habits are very harmful for training and the relationship with its owner.

He is generally very loyal and affectionate with his family, but reserved for strangers. However, the Beauceron can get along well with other people, dogs and pets if it has received a good socialization, if this is the case, we will enjoy a social dog, cheerful and fearless.

Beauceron is above all an excellent animal which tends to get along a lot with people, children and all kinds of animals. However, if we have very young children at home, we will have to explain how to properly treat the dog.

However, the Beauceron is also tenacious and this characteristic, as well as its need for training and exercise, does not make it an ideal dog for novice owners, but requires more experienced handling.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog


The average lifespan of a Beauceron is 10-12 years.

How long the pet will live, its state of health, for the most part, depends on the owner. An attentive owner should visit a veterinary clinic with a Beauceron every year for a routine examination, an X-ray examination, and tests. Thus, the health problem can be noticed at the initial stage and treatment can be started on time.

It is also important to vaccinate on a schedule, carry out deworming and treatment (especially in the spring and summer) from skin parasites.

By nature, the French Shepherd got good health. But a predisposition to some diseases is still observed:

  • Retinal atrophy – Without proper treatment, it can lead to cataracts or complete loss of vision.
  • Dysplasia of the hip joint – accompanied by lameness, intolerable pain, at the last stage of the disease, the dog is completely unable to move.
  • Volvulus – accompanied by vomiting, unnatural enlargement of the abdomen. If you do not take urgent action, the dog can die within just a few hours.

Important! Before vaccination, it is necessary to deworm the animal and eliminate lice or fleas, if any.

Beauceron dog puppies
Beauceron dog puppies

Basic care

It is not recommended to keep a Beauceron in an apartment. In such conditions, a large dog, which requires freedom and space, will not feel comfortable. Moreover, the owners of the apartment next to the Beauceron will also not be comfortable. The reason is not only in the large size of the French Shepherd, but also in the fact that its coat has a strong specific smell. This smell, especially in a small apartment, is acutely felt and remains on all things, on clothes …

Important! Beauceron wool has a specific smell that is acutely felt in a cramped city apartment, so it is better to keep a dog for those who live in a large country house.

The ideal option for keeping a Beauceron is a country house with a garden plot with a spacious aviary. You can’t keep a free-loving dog on a chain, he can get angry, become aggressive and uncontrollable.

Even with an open-air cage, the French Shepherd requires free walks with sufficient physical activity. Slow walks on a leash are not for Beauceron. He must be able to throw out the accumulated energy, run, jump, play active games. The walk lasts at least an hour.

It is not at all difficult to look after the representatives of the French breed. The list of required procedures is set out below:

  • We comb out the wool once every 2 weeks. It is better to use a furminator for this. This procedure maintains beauty, removes dead hairs and improves blood circulation in the skin.
  • Bathing is required 1-2 times a year. It is recommended to carry out water procedures outdoors during the warm season, using a hose and a special detergent for short-haired dogs. In the house or in the apartment, the smell of wet beauceron wool will definitely not be liked by the household, so the ideal option for swimming is outside.
  • We wipe our dog’s ears and examine them once a week. If you notice excessive accumulations of earwax, trauma or inflammation, contact your veterinarian.
  • Beauceron’s claws have to be cut on rare occasions; usually an energetic dog erases them on the road surface on his own.

Important! Start raising your pet from the first days of his appearance in the house, do not lisp with him, establish yourself in his eyes as the leader of the pack, and you will get an ideal helper and friend.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog


It is a working dog that has a lot of energy, physical and mental, and that requires at least two hours of daily exercises.

The Beauceron is good at canine sports, such as work tests and frisbee, and enjoys spending time training or exercising with his family.


The French Shepherd is unpretentious in food, but this does not mean that you can feed it somehow. Ready-made feed should be full of vitamins and minerals, which provides a balanced diet. You should not buy cheap dry food of poor quality, opt for a premium class.

If you decide to feed your shepherd with natural products, keep in mind that 60-70% of the total diet is protein. Be sure to feed the Beauceron low-fat meats, offal, cereals, vegetables.

It is strictly forbidden to include in the diet: legumes, potatoes, river fish, smoked meats.

Clean, cool water available throughout the day is a prerequisite for keeping a dog, it is especially important to monitor this in the hot summer months.

Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog

Training and education

Beauceron is an excellent guard dog with high intelligence and a sharp mind. But because of his freedom-loving nature and willfulness, he will never serve, only serve, and then, with respectful treatment. In terms of these qualities, Beauceron is similar to Groenendael and Kangal.

Given the above features of the representatives of the French breed, it is easy to train. They quickly learn and memorize new commands. Thanks to innate hard work, they are never lazy and do not shy away from work, training. On the contrary, physical and mental stress for such dogs is a joy.

It is not worth overloading the Beauceron, the exercises on the training ground should not bore the dog. Therefore, take care of the variety of activities, the sequence of training. Use praise and goodies as encouragement.

Early socialization is essential. Without it, the Beauceron will not learn to control his aggression and will not be able to adequately respond to the world around him.

Beauceron Fun Facts

  • The first year of a Beauceron’s life is equivalent to sixteen human years.
  • Beauceron matures late, after about 2.5-3 years. In bitches, maturation occurs a little earlier than in males.
  • Beauceron is considered a very hardy dog, having covered more than 80 km in a day. such a dog does not feel tired.
  • During the First and Second World Wars, Beauceron dogs served as messengers, and also proved to be ideal bloodhounds for detecting mines.
Beauceron dog
Beauceron dog

Beauceron dog breed facts

The Beauceron is a psychologically difficult, serious breed. It is completely unsuitable for inexperienced people with weak willpower. As a pet, the French Shepherd is recommended for people with a strong character, judicious, patient and adequate. The ideal host for a Beauceron is a private country house owner who loves tourism and outdoor activities.

In any case, before you buy a Beauceron puppy of the specified breed, check out its main pros and cons. This will help you make the right choice.

Positive points

  • The Beauceron thrives in a family environment and makes a wonderful companion and a very loyal dog.
  • This dog is known to be very tolerant of children of all ages and the elderly as well.
  • The Beauceron is ultra-sensitive to the mood of its owner.
  • It is one of the most intelligent dogs.
  • It is always eager to please and in the right hands, easy to train.
  • The Beauceron is generally tolerant of dogs he already knows.
  • This breed of dog has an easy-care coat.

Negative points

  • The Beauceron is not the best choice for new owners, nor the right breed for everyone.
  • Young Beauceron tends to be a bit clumsy.
  • It does not tolerate unfair treatment.
  • Its training must last up to the age of 10 months and must be constant throughout their life.
  • It is a breed that has a strong sense of prey.
  • The Beauceron must receive lots of daily physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • The urge to “drive” is extremely strong.
  • This dog suffers from separation anxiety when left alone.
  • Beauceron can be territorial around dogs it does not know.