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A beautiful cat is languishing in a shelter. Chances of adoption are ruined by the pattern on his face

No one wants to adopt such a stigmatized cat. A charming ragdoll cat has been waiting to be adopted for many years because of an unfortunate birthmark. It’s not her fault, she was born that way. Temporary caregivers no longer know what to do. The cat deserves a new home.

Cats and their unusual colors

Due to the wide range of colors, shades and patterns of fur, there are many types of fur coats. This makes each cat unique in its own way in terms of appearance. There are at least 12 different shades of cat color, including all sorts of combinations. It is therefore sometimes difficult to meet two identical-looking cats. The color of a cat’s coat depends not only on genes, but also on the breed. There are, however, some unusual mixtures that nature has decided to play a trick with.

Daisy is a wonderful, fluffy and adorable ragdoll cat. Unfortunately, he has a certain mark on his cat’s face that is preventing him from returning to his beloved home. Due to its coloring, his face resembles an offensive symbol.

The fur is arranged in different shapes. The cat was unlucky

Cat fur colors can be combined on the body of animals in various combinations: patches, stripes, spots. Sometimes animal hair is arranged in different shapes. The most characteristic are the hearts. Daisy, unfortunately, was not so lucky. Nature decided to give the fur on his face a completely different shape. For many people interested in adopting it, it looked like male genitalia.

beautiful cat pattern on face
The Mini Kitty Commune

Even though Daisy did everything she could to convince her potential guardians, the patterns on her face constantly ruined her chances of adoption. The cat appeared curious, friendly and trusting. She was also microchipped, vaccinated and prepared for adoption. Unfortunately, not all actions led to the desired result.

It’s their nature. People saw something completely different in this form

The provisional guardians decided to launch an appeal on social networks. They wanted their long-term resident to finally find the permanent home of her dreams. For them, she was an ideal. They thought there would be someone who wouldn’t pay attention to the characteristic color, but would love Daisy for her gentle nature and willingness to pet her. There were many positive comments under the post.

“I would love to adopt him. According to my husband, his birthmark looks like a fox.”

“I am very sad to read what people think of Daisy and her brands. I see a beautiful sign of an angel or a bird in flight.

“All I see is a BEAUTIFUL kitten with an angel on her face.”

If we take a closer look at the Ragdoll breed, we can notice that the fur on its face is often arranged in different shapes. It’s their cat nature, and we search unnecessarily for subtexts created by genes. Luckily, Daisy the cat met someone who didn’t care about her color. Additionally, he considers his cat to be a very special creature and would not trade it for any other creature.

beautiful cat pattern on face
Pexels @Dominique_Watercolor

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