Bedlington Terrier | Information & Dog Breed Facts


The Bedlington terrier is a peculiar dog and underneath that lamb dress you will find all the vitality and strength of its breed

If there is a dog that grabs all eyes in its path, that is the Bedlington terrier. Everything that surrounds this breed of dog is glamor and delicacy, but behind those headdresses in the hair a terrier hides.

In any place, at any time, the Bedlington Terrier dog attracts people’s attention. All because of the unusual, one might say, exotic appearance of these animals. Bedlington dogs are very similar to cute, curly lambs. They are often called “a dog in sheep’s clothing.”

Bedlington Terrier

Despite the innocuous appearance, the representatives of the breed have the heart of a lion, simply speaking courage and determination Bedlington Terrier can be envied.

Being a worthy member of the Terrier family, this dog is a talented rat-catcher and small game hunter. Modern Bedlington terrier dogs are rarely used for these purposes. Now they delight the owners as companions and pets.

Breed history

The birthplace of the Bedlington terrier is Great Britain. The name of the breed comes from the name of the northern English city of Bedlington. It was here that serious breeding work was carried out to improve curly dogs.

They were very popular not only in Bedlington, but throughout the Northumberland County.

The first mention of these terriers appeared more than 200 years ago, then they were called “Rotbury”. They were indispensable assistants during the hunt for small game for poachers, as they performed their work silently, in rare cases, giving voice.

The miners also took them to work, the duties of the Bedlington terriers included catching rats and mice in the mines. They also entertained their masters by participating in dogfights and races.

During the breeding work, the Bedlington terrier was crossed with other types of terriers. Closest to him are blood boarders and dandy dinmont terriers.

Also used were the genes of poodles, greyhounds and hounds. Each of the listed breeds left its mark in the modern appearance and character:

  • Terriers – courage, Pied Piper talent, excellent hunting abilities for small game.
  • Greyhounds, hounds – the shape of the head, muzzle, as well as some similarities are seen in the physique. Ability to develop high speed.
  • Poodle – curly hair.

Modern graceful Bedlington terrier in appearance are very different from their working ancestors. Hunting and mining terriers differed from the present ones by a grosser physique, they were heavier and taller.

This is not to say that the Bedlington Terrier population is top notch. These dogs are on the list of the rarest and most expensive species. This breed is intended for a narrow circle of its true connoisseurs, enthusiasts.

Bedlington Terrier

Characteristics of the Bedlington terrier

Due to its size, it falls squarely in the category of medium dog, with a height in males of between 39 and 43 centimeters, and between 38 and 42 centimeters in females. With these measures, he is a very easy dog to keep on a flat, but his enormous vitality will take you to spend many moments outdoors with him.

His weight is usually between 8 and 11 kilograms, which is not much for his height. Its slim waist betrays its past crossing with the greyhound, giving it an agility and top speed that you would never imagine when seeing it for the first time.

Physically he is an athlete, but his coat makes him look much more delicate than he really is, and even more if you do what most owners of a Bedlington terrier do, take it very often to the groomer.

His hair is long and usually curly, bluish-white, gray, or sand. Its coat is the most representative of the breed, since it is longer on the extremities and on the top of the head than on the trunk itself, which means that, with a little hairdressing, it achieves that original and striking.

Regarding his peculiar silhouette, he is the only member of the terrier family that has a curved body, which makes him very different from his brothers. Only its long snout and the hair on the bottom of its legs give it away as another terrier.

One of the most controversial details of this breed is the fact of shaving the hair from its ears and leaving the famous “earrings” in the shape of a pompom. There is nothing written about tastes, but it is a very common practice among those who want to bring their Bedlington terrier as successful as possible.

Others know him as the lamb terrier, for its undeniable resemblance to a small lamb; his shaggy-looking hair and hairdressing headdresses make our imagination play tricks on us at first sight.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington terrier character

If we are guided by its flirty image, it seems that we are facing a calm and delicate dog, those who prefer a beauty salon to a route through the countryside. But make no mistake, underneath that evening gown is a terrier, with all that that entails.

The positive qualifications for the Bedlington terrier are more than justified, but it is true that they need more exercise time than others of their size. It is a dog with a lot of physical resistance and with more strength than it appears; he who has had a terrier knows what we are talking about …

The Bedlington terrier is perfect to take it with you to exercise, and you will surely end up getting tired before him. But do not fear, because at home you can behave and you enjoy your long hours of sleep very much.

Its character is restless and active, but very adaptable to almost any size of house. He loves children and will help them to sleep better at night because he does not let them stop. In addition, its protective instinct will watch over the well-being of these.

Before making the decision to adopt a Bedlington terrier, you should keep in mind the requirements you need, especially those related to physical exercise. If so, it is a breed that will only bring you joys and good times.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier Health

Bedlington Terrier is a breed with fairly good health, but certain problems still occur.

Common diseases

  • Copper toxicosis is a hereditary disease;
  • Dislocation of the patella;
  • Distichiasis;
  • Renal cortical hypoplasia, due to which the dog subsequently develops renal failure;
  • Retinal dysplasia is a malformation of the retina with which the dog is born.
Bedlington Terrier

Basic care

If the distant ancestors of the Bedlington were kept mostly in sheds and other utility rooms, now the representatives of the breed live in houses and apartments. They are more tender and spoiled, they need comfort.

Although, thanks to the dense undercoat, such dogs can withstand low temperatures, heat is worse for them than cold.

Bedlington terrier does not need much space in the house. It is important to equip a place for him from the first day. We arrange a lounger so that the pet has the opportunity to observe households.

Lay toys near the bed, among which there is always a ball (a favorite entertainment of terriers).

The necessary physical activity for the representatives of this breed is average. If the weather is bad on the street or there is a catastrophic lack of time, you can limit your walk to the nearest place where the pet is usually used to cope with its natural needs.

This does not mean that Bedlington terrier does not need long walks at all. It is imperative that you walk the terrier fully at least three times a week. Arrange active games for him. Give plenty of room to run and jump, mental stress is also important.

If you live in a private house and want to let your Bedlington terrier run independently in the yard, take into account the ability of these dogs to jump high, climb different heights and make digs. Take care that the site is securely enclosed by a high fence.

In public places it is not recommended to lower the terrier off the leash. He runs very fast, and because of the hunting instinct he often arranges chases for cats or other animals.

In winter, walking is not necessary to wear Bedlington. He is not afraid of frost, but he digs in snowdrifts, as in warm sand or in piles of fallen leaves.

But in the fall, in wet, rainy weather, a raincoat will be required to protect the animal’s coat from dirt and raindrops.

Bedlington Terrier

To Bedlington terrier looked beautiful and healthy, you must carry out the following procedures:

  • Brushing every day.
  • Professional haircut 1 time in 1.5-2 months. Having learned a little, the owner can cut his pet on his own. But if Bedlington participates in exhibitions, it is worth contacting a grooming specialist who deals with haircuts characteristic of this breed.
  • Once in 30-40 days we pluck out the extra hairs from the ears.
  • After each walk, stomach, paws and groin are cleansed of dust and dirt. Feet are recommended to be washed using special means to prevent the appearance of cracks on the pads.
  • We bathe our dogs once every six months or when absolutely necessary. Show your Beddington terrier bathe before. It is important to know that because of the frequent bathing at Bedlington, curls can disappear.
  • We brush its teeth 2-3 times a week using a special toothpaste and brush.
  • Once a month we cut the claws.
  • We wipe its eyes as necessary, examining the presence of inflammation and injuries.
  • Bedlington terrier’s ears are hanging, so ear discharge often accumulates in them and there is increased humidity. If you do not clean your ears regularly, infections and inflammations may appear.
Bedlington Terrier

Feeding the Bedlington Terrier requires a serious approach and some knowledge. The fact is that representatives of the breed need diet food. All due to a predisposition to liver disease (copper toxicosis).

Even adults are fed more than twice a day (3-4 times). The daily rate should be divided into small portions.

With natural feeding, it is recommended to include rice, fish and meat broth in the diet. Types of meat and fish should not be fat. In this case, porridge is cooked in plain water, and before feeding, add broth.

Wipe raw vegetables on a grater. In the form of a treat, eggs, pieces of rabbit and turkey meat, slices of boiled pumpkin are suitable for the terrier.

Prohibited foods: pickled, smoked, sweet, chocolate. Also, Bedlington terrier cannot be fed potatoes, legumes, or tubular bones.

It is important to provide the dog with vitamin, mineral supplements and fresh, clean, cool water.

If you feed the Bedlington terrier with ready-made feeds, buy only the premium class.


The Bedlington Terrier needs one hour of daily exercise. They stand out in games that involve running, jumping and recovering items.

They need mental stimulation to prevent them from developing behavioral problems.

Bedlington Terrier Fun Facts

  • Bedlington Terrier puppies are born with brown or black coats. As they grow older, the coat becomes lighter. The final color can be observed at the age of two.
  • After puppy birth, after a stressful situation and for other reasons, the color of the bedlington coat may change.
  • The Bedlington Terrier was especially popular among the gypsies. Thanks to the intelligence and ingenuity of these dogs, it was easy to teach them to steal wallets from gaping passers-by.
Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier Dog Breed Highlights

A balanced, humorous, active person is an ideal owner for a Bedlington Terrier. If you are ready to devote a lot of time to your dog, go to the kennel for a purebred puppy. But first, check out the main pros and cons of this breed.

Positive points

  • The Bedlington Terrier is a sweet and mannered dog.
  • It is a very adaptable little dog that makes a wonderful companion.
  • It is best for families with older children.
  • This dog tends to be quieter than other burrows when indoors.
  • The Bedlington Terrier is renowned for being a great companion for seniors.

Negative points

  • It must be given the appropriate amount of daily physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Like other terriers, the Bedlington Terrier has a strong sense of prey.
  • This dog can sometimes be stubborn and have a low boredom.
  • The Bedlington Terrier suffers from separation anxiety when left alone.
  • It is a breed of dog known to be good “diggers”, which means that the gardens must be very secure.
  • The Bedlington Terrier is known for loving the sound of its own voice.