Before Buying Or Adopting A Dog: The Checklist


Before buying a dog (or adopting), do you understand the responsibilities you assumed when you are planning to buy a puppy / dog?

Buying Adopting Dog

A dog can be a great addition to your family as long as you are all in it together. A dog needs lots of attention and training in order to be a joy instead of a pain. Also think of the type of dog you wish to get.

It is important before making any more progress with your plans to be sure that everyone in family and even those people who work in house really want a puppy. In order to manage a puppy successfully, It must be wanted by all the family and they must all feel equal goodwill towards it.

The confident happy dog, which feels that the world is a reliable place where human behavior is consistent will bring you compliments everywhere.

Here is a checklist that you must complete before deciding whether to buy a dog or possibly adopt, and to bring it home.

  • Have we sufficient Space for a dog indoors and out?

Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time during a day. Going to work should be fine as long as you have a crate, but remember your dog had physical needs also. There are dogs who react very badly if they are left alone for a long time (The most suitable dogs to stay alone at home).

Buying Adopting Dog
  • Company ?

Can we provide companionship and interest in dogs for most of the day, especially when they are young? As before in the first point, many dog ​​breeds should not be left alone.

  • Do you choose a male or female dog?

If you find your male dog is trying to dominate your household and he is unneutered, take him to your veterinarian and have him neutered. This should stop the aggressive behavior also.If you choose a female, are you ready to breed new puppies in case she mates? or will you also opt for castration?

Buying Adopting Dog
  • Is our garden sufficiently well fenced to keep a dog in?

Where will we take the dog for exercise, Away from motor traffic ?All dogs have regular exercise needs, and this dose differs from breed to breed. Small dogs are perfect for apartments or small houses, but others of medium or large size need a garden, which must be watched and well fenced.

  • Vaccinations

Can we afford to feed a dog properly and pay for regular vaccinations and boosters to protect it form disease?

  • Veterinary Fees

Before adopting or buying a dog, we must include in our budget veterinary fees in case of illness and accident and / or an insurance policy covering these fees as well as our responsibility towards third parties should our dog cause injury or damage to the property of others?

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Buying Adopting Dog
  • Environment

Is our family or our environment likely to change in the foreseeable future, making the conditions for having a dog less suitable? Giving a pet as a gift whether it is a new puppy, kitten, ferret, or bunny rabbit is never a good idea. And this is one of the reasons for abandoning a dog afterwards.

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  • Holiday

Can we make plans with the dog when we go on vacation? Are there additional costs for transportation and accommodation? If not, have you planned a dog sitter’s bills to keep it for you?

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  • Responsible

Do all the family really want a dog and are we willing to be responsible owners, not allowing our dog to be nuisance in any way?

  • Inconveniences

Does the whole family really want a dog and are you willing to be the responsible owner, avoiding the dog being a nuisance?Are we happy to accept the inconvenience of owning a dog? Does everyone at your house wish to have a dog? Who will be responsible for this new animal?

Buying Adopting Dog
  • Time

Do you have time to care for a dog, no and for the foreseeable future?In addition, you should remember that if you live in an apartment, you should avoid choosing a German Shepherd or a Newfoundland, for example, the two breeds are large and require more space from your small space.

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