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Malinois is a very mobile and intelligent dog that can become a pet for everyone. The Belgian Shepherd is highly trainable and smart. But if you do not spend enough time with the dog, it will grow aggressive.

The innate strong-willed temperament, together with the inherent strength of the dog, makes the pet dangerous if the energy is not put in the right direction. But if you tame and properly educate this pet from childhood, then a faithful and kind friend, a strong protector, will grow out of it.

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Physical characteristics

Malinois is a medium sized dog. This is a muscular, flexible animal. Females have a more elongated physique; males differ in a more square format. The weight of adults is 25-30 kg., Height is about 61-66 cm.


Distinctive features

  • Head: Well built and proudly set. It has proportional shapes and lines, without sharp transitions.
  • Muzzle: The muzzle is wedge-shaped with clear, straight features. The nose and thin lips are always black.
  • Jaws: Strong teeth well placed and well spaced. Scissor bite. The cheekbones are flat, with well-developed muscles.
  • Ears: Very set, have the shape of a regular triangle.
  • Eyes: Almond shaped, medium size, dark brown. The gaze is direct and attentive.
  • Torso: Body not heavy, strong and toned. The physique is harmonious: the voluminous chest reaches the level of the elbows; back and loins are short; the croup is quite wide with a slight slope.
  • Legs: The fore and hind limbs are strong and muscular, appearing straight and perfectly parallel. The movements are fluid and light.
  • Coat: Short, yellow-brown.


The main difference between Malinois and other types of Belgian Shepherd Dog is the coat. The coat of representatives of this breed is short. Hair tight, not too stiff. There is a collar on the neck, on the tail is not very magnificent. The undercoat is dense, well developed. Such wool reliably protects the shepherd from natural precipitation.

Character and behavior

Malinois owns the same strong character as his body. This is a wonderful guard, forever devoted to its owner. The Belgian Shepherd can make decisions on his own. It is important to give her a lot of attention and show her your love.

With the right upbringing, a dog can be created even by families with young children. A smart dog will support the baby’s clumsy games and protect him.

The Malinois especially chooses a person for himself – his first owner. It is for him that she will experience the most reverent feelings. Together with other family members, the dog will also be happy to play and walk.

But the dog does not get along with other pets in the house. The Malinois is one of those dogs that does not like cats and will drive them away as soon as possible. Where does the importance of socialization from a young age come from.


If the dog feels unwanted, he will become aggressive and angry with people. In some cases, shy and downtrodden dogs are descended from “unloved” pets. Therefore, it is important to educate the dog and give it the attention it deserves.


No matter how well looked after the pet, some diseases cannot be prevented. The owner should know what health problems are most common in Malinois:

  • Cataracts are an eye condition that can lead to vision loss.
  • Joint dysplasia – characterized by severe pain, in the acute stage requires surgical intervention.
  • Allergy – you need to detect an allergen and eliminate it. The allergen may be food or animal care products.
  • Epilepsy – leads to convulsions, involuntary bowel movements. The disease can and must be controlled.
  • Inversion of the stomach is a serious condition, surgery is needed to save the animal.
  • Obesity – arises from malnutrition, inactivity. It leads to metabolic disorders and other health problems.

Life expectancy

Malinois is naturally considered a healthy dog. The average life expectancy is 12-14 years. There is a predisposition to certain diseases in representatives of the breed, but many problems can be avoided with proper care, feeding, timely vaccination.


The ideal living conditions for the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a private house and personal land. On the site there is a spacious aviary with a heated cabin and there is a fence so that it is possible to let the dog run around for fun during the day and protect the territory at night. The shepherd is created for protection, therefore the Malinois dog will be happy in such work.

The Belgian Malinois dog breed has a short coat that should be brushed once a week. Always make sure your pet’s ears and eyes are clean and free of deposits. Bathe the dog at least once a week. Trim nails once every 10 days. Moulting takes place twice a year.


Although the Malinois can adapt to living in an apartment, it would be ideal to offer him a spacious house so that he can play sports. This dog wastes energy, so it is essential to get lots of exercise and long walks each day.

Fun facts

  • Among all four types of Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois is considered the most working dog.
  • Malinois has an exceptional scent. Even in a calm state, the nose of the shepherd is constantly in motion.
  • These dogs are similar to German shepherds, especially if we consider old-format photographs of these breeds.

History of the breed

Malinois belongs to the four types of Belgian Shepherd dogs. The birthplace of dogs is Belgium, they were bred in the Flemish region, in the vicinity of Mechelen. Uninformed people might think because of the name of the breed that Malinois is from France, but this is not so. Malinois is rightfully considered the national breed of Belgium.

The first shepherd dogs appeared in Belgium through the efforts of nature and shepherds. Belgians were considered ideal helpers for grazing livestock. But over time, the use of these dogs has expanded significantly.

At first, appreciating the virtues of Malinois, several enthusiasts began to improve them. At that time, the efforts of connoisseurs of the breed created a small tribal club. The best producers who did not have documents, but had an excellent exterior, were used in breeding.

As a result, the breed representatives deservedly gained popularity as service dogs, shepherd dogs, police dogs, guide dogs and bloodhound dogs. In terms of their working qualities, they outperformed even German shepherds.

In 1898, the first club of breed connoisseurs was created on an official basis. Interestingly, the name Malinois was adopted 20 years after the start of breeding. The Belgian Shepherds became famous for their hard work, obedience and devotion.


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