Belgian Shepherd Dogs | Information & Dogs Facts

Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Belgian shepherd dogs can be safely attributed to the cynological heritage of Belgium. This breed of dogs is the real pride of the inhabitants of the country. Representatives of the breed are divided into four varieties, distinguish them mainly by coat.

That these dogs were beautiful, strong, courageous, efficient and smart Belgian breeders worked. The result of their work exceeded expectations, now the indicated breed is at the peak of popularity both in its homeland and in other countries.

Types of Belgian Shepherd Dogs

  • Tervuren – gray, red with a sable hue, long hair.
  • Malinois is a red-sable, short coat.
  • Groenendael is black, the coat is long.
  • Laekenois – red-sable, wool is tough.

Similarity and differences of the Belgian Shepherds


Belgian Shepherd Dogs Malinois

Malinois resembles a German shepherd, she has a short coat and tan or charcoal. This is the most hardworking, working shepherd among all types of Belgians. In terms of security and guard qualities, it is slightly ahead of the German shepherd. Today, Malinois is very popular as an army and police dog.

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Belgian Shepherd Dogs Groenendael

Groenendael is a beautiful long-haired dog with rich black hair. Groenendael is an ideal athlete, he has established himself as an excellent participant in agility.

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Belgian Shepherd Dogs Laekenois

Laekenois is a long-haired, ash-gray Belgian species. Laekenois is the rarest Belgian Shepherd Dog. It has a milder disposition when compared with other shepherds.

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Belgian Shepherd Dogs Tervuren

Tervuren – red-sable or silver dog with long hair. Tervuren is the 4th dog in the category of the Belgian Shepherd, in addition to the working qualities and abilities of the bloodhound is a talented actor.

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In appearance, all four Belgians have undoubted similarities:

  • Harmonious physique.
  • Developed muscles.
  • Average weight and height.
  • Elegance, aristocracy.
  • A large head planted on a strong neck.
  • Proud posture, step.


Belgian Shepherd Dog is adapted for aviary. It can tolerate changes in nature inherent in the Belgian climate. A dog of this breed is also kept in the house, but at the same time he needs daily, long, active walks.

If you have a private house, but do not want to keep the shepherd in the aviary around the clock, leave it in the fresh air during the day, and take it into the house at night. This is the most acceptable way of keeping Belgians.

Such a dog, with proper upbringing, becomes a loyal assistant, companion and bodyguard of its owner. Each type of Belgian shepherd dog needs serious education, mandatory training courses. Such a pet needs high physical activity. It is advisable to provide regular training (3 hours a day).

It is important that the Belgian is always busy with something. For example, the protection of housing, territory, household property, training lessons, game. In order for the dog not to be bored alone, buy him a ball, a long-playing bone, a rubber squeaker or other toys. Otherwise, a bored, unoccupied shepherd dog will begin to spoil things, dig under the fence, etc.

The owner of the Belgian must know that each dog is individual. With regard to education, communication, content in each individual case, you need to find an individual approach to the pet.

Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Belgian Shepherd Dogs

How to feed Belgian Shepherd Dogs

The nutrition of the Belgian Shepherd should be of high quality, taking into account all the characteristics of the animal. Representatives of the breed are very active. It is not surprising, because these are shepherd dogs who need to move a lot and, of course, eat right.

In the diet should be present:

  • Proteins – provide growth.
  • Carbohydrates – give energy.
  • Fats – provide energy reserves.

With a natural way of feeding a Belgian Shepherd, we provide vitamins and minerals.

With artificial nutrition, we buy ready-made premium food. It is important to choose the right dry food, taking into account the age, health status of the animal. It is recommended that you consult a specialist for advice.


On average, a Belgian shepherd lives 15-16 years. Activity, performance lasts up to 11-12 years, subject to proper care and nutrition.

Nature awarded these dogs strong immunity and good health. From rain, snow and other natural precipitation, their dense coat protects them reliably. From infectious diseases – timely vaccination and preventive examinations in a veterinary clinic. It is also important to protect the pet from external and internal parasites.

At home, the owner should regularly inspect the eyes, ears of the dog. If you find an injury, redness or accumulation of secretions, you should contact your veterinarian, because this may be the first sign of infection. Be sure to monitor the behavior of the pet. Decreased activity, lethargy, excessive drowsiness can signal a disease.

Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Belgian Shepherd Character

The fact that the Belgian shepherd has high energy is undeniable. Such a dog rarely sleeps on its litter. Most of the time she jumps, runs, performs her duties. It is good if the owner of the shepherd leads an active lifestyle. In this case, a faithful dog can accompany him on jogging, cycling, and even on long camping trips.

The Belgian is infinitely devoted to all family members. It is always assembled, has a lightning reaction and is ready to defend itself at any moment. It is worth noting that with irrepressible activity, the shepherd is quite restrained and adequate in its actions.

A well-bred dog is obedient, understanding. He gets along well with children, is ready to play with them and at the same time protect. To strangers they are wary, with distrust, as befits watchdogs.

Training and education of the Belgian Shepherd

Due to its developed intellect, mind and excellent memory, the Belgian Shepherd lends itself well to training. Only for a positive result, you must adhere to the rules for handling a pet during lessons:

  • The owner must be an undeniable authority for the dog.
  • Rudeness during training can turn a shepherd into a nervous, naughty animal.
  • Be sure to regularly engage in dog training, mastering new commands and repeating the material learned.
  • For obedience, use encouragement (praise, goodies).

The owner of the Belgian Shepherd must be a strong-willed, confident, active person. Before buying a puppy of this breed, weigh your options. If you can devote enough time to your pet, if you have where to keep such an energetic dog and you are ready to engage in its education, training, the Belgian Shepherd will be your faithful companion and friend.


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