The dog made a contrite grimace. The owner immediately understands that something is happening

Bernese Mountain Dog dog made a contrite face

Don’t let the Bernese Mountain Dog’s sweet eyes in the video fool you. Theodore is a real troublemaker. Owners just need to look at its face and immediately know if their pet has done something wrong. It was no different when they couldn’t find a cat that was also part of their family.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very sociable dog with a kind and gentle temperament. Although Theodore owns many toys, he particularly loves a cat named Chippy, who lives with him under the same roof. However, what the Bernese Mountain Dog did this time exceeded the wildest expectations of his owner, Melanie Shields.

Where did Chippy hide? The dog’s face betrayed him

Theodore and Chippy are perfect proof that race or different species are no barrier to true friendship. In their case, the statement “living like a dog with a cat” has absolutely no connection with reality.

These animals love spending time together and would prefer not to be separated at all. However, since Theodore is much taller than his pal, showing him affection can be a bit overwhelming – literally.

One day, their owner, Melanie Shields, wondered where the cat was hiding this time. However, when her eyes met Theodore’s, she immediately knew something was happening.

It turned out that the dog wasn’t hiding Chippi anywhere other than in his arms. What was Melanie’s surprise when she saw a cat timidly looking under Theodore’s fur. Internet users who saw this recording were just as surprised.

– Oh, I didn’t expect that – writes one of the commenters.

– I thought only my Bernese mountain dog loved cats so much – adds another user.

“That cat is his,” jokes another.

@fifiloveschip You'd never know this cat beats his ass on a daily #fyp #bernesemountaindog #dogsoftiktok #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Melanie Shields

A unique friendship between a dog and a cat

This is not the only recording available online whose main characters are Theodore and Chippy. Their keeper managed to save a few gems, and looking at them, you don’t have to worry about not having enough sugar to sweeten your tea.

@fifiloveschip THE PAWS THO #theodoreandchip #fyp #bernesemountaindog #catsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #dogsandcats ♬ The Cuppycake Song – Buddy Castle & Amy Castle

Internet users are visibly delighted with the relationship between the Berenese and his feline friend. They make this known not only through record views of shared documents, but also through numerous comments.

– Watching their videos, they can’t decide who is cuter, Theodore or Chippy – writes one of the delighted Internet users.

– This duo is the best remedy for bad days – adds another.

– Please make more videos – they said to the keeper of the cute animals.

@fifiloveschip Little bit of mixed signals from chip the cat…. #fyp #bernesemountaindog #catsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #catsanddogs #dogsandcats #chiptok #fifiandchip ♬ 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate

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