Kind-Hearted Man Risks Marriage For Three-Legged Homeless Cat

big hearted man risks marriage homeless cat

From adopting cats and dogs to volunteering at shelters, millions of us love animals. But how far would you go for one? Mike Enders is a rare breed of animal lover who was willing to risk his own marriage to save the life of a homeless cat with three injured legs. He didn’t hesitate and went above and beyond what any ordinary person would do, doing whatever he could think of to help the helpless animal.

The journey began when Mike saw a post about Zorro, a three-legged kitten who was going to be euthanized due to overcrowding at the shelter. He only had one day before that happened.

As Mike looked at the photo of Zorro, something miraculous happened that became a pivotal moment for him, as he told The Dodo:

“This is going to sound crazy, his eyes were like – Mike! Come get me!”.

A man risks his marriage for a three-legged homeless cat

big hearted man risks marriage homeless cat

Looking on the map, Mike discovered that the shelter was about eight hours away and located in Palm Springs, while they lived in San Francisco. Despite his fears of appearing mad, he got into his vehicle, determined to save Zorro from certain danger.

The man said:

“I was excited, I was nervous. Part of me thought he was crazy. But when I saw his face and saw that there was a possibility he could be shot, I felt something in my stomach that said, go find that boy.”

big hearted man risks marriage homeless cat

After picking up Zorro, the round trip to San Francisco from Palm Springs was a grueling 20 hours. Finally, he returned home at 3 a.m., exhausted but relieved.

At first, Mike just wanted to give Zorro shelter. But he quickly understood that the kitten already had his heart and that he could no longer live without it. However, there was still an unresolved issue, her husband insisted they weren’t going to have a third cat since Mike had two other cats at home at the time.

Luckily, after meeting the homeless cat, Mike’s husband fell in love with him too. And finally, when Zorro was brought to the beach, the deal was done. The kitten worked hard to win her affection and often even slept next to her.

big hearted man risks marriage homeless cat

Finally, and quite excitedly, Mike announced that Zorro had found his forever home with his family.

Images: Instagram / zorrothetripodkitty

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