Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs From Hell To Love


Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs Who Went From Living In Hell To Being Loved Again

When people think of dogs involved in fights, most of them are scared and think of a Dogo Argentino, a Pit Bull or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that all they want is to kill. They never imagine that a dog that participates in this cruel human-induced act can be a shy, adorable and tender dog with hundreds of scars on its body and severely damaged paws.

Meet Blanca and Blanco

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Blanca is a 1-year old innocent Dogo Argentino mix female forced to fight to save her life in the world of dog fighting.

While Blanco is a 9 months American Pit Bull who had to face the same horrors.

Having non responsible owners to look after them, both Blanca and Blanco were not well fed and lost so much weight that their bones stitched through their coat.

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Blanca was in a terrible situation, and refused to eat

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Luckily these dogs were rescued on June 2020 by Radoine Oujgli from rings.

Radoine is a dog rights activist from the city of Taourirt, a city in Morocco, in the Oriental region.

Radoine Oujgli told Pets Feed:

“When I first saw her, the entire body of Blanca was covered in punctures from dog fighting, undeniable evidence that the young dog has endured severe abuse typical of this kind of life.”

Radoine believed that Blanca was undoubtedly used for breeding and as a bait dog.

He added:

“Blanca’s previous owner, was a non-responsible dog breeder, he separated her from her puppies after 3 days and sold them all.”

When Radoine brought her home, she was refusing to eat or drink, and spending most of the rime looking for her puppies and growling whenever he comes near her.

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Thanks to his big heart and his patience, Radoine transformed Blanca from a dog on the brink of painful death into a curled-up monster ready to attack any willing human with a barrage of careless kisses.

“Blanca is a dog that moved everyone who knew her and I want to make sure she has the best care possible,” said Radoine.

She is no longer that dog with a broken spirit, a sad look and no smile. She is playful, loving, and has begun to trust humans again.

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

The 2nd story, as mentioned earlier, is about Blanco. This Pit Bull has been used as a bait dog for illegal dog fighting.

Radoine, contacted his owner and purchased him just to save him and gave him the chance of a normal life.

Radoine said:

“Once at home, it was obvious that Blanco has lost all faith in humans, he refuses to eat and won’t let me touch him”

He added:

“One day, I was cleaning the house, and once Blanca saw the broom, he run and hid behind a door, first I didn’t understand the reason, then I knew that the previous owner was always beating him “

After few weeks, Blanco started to trust Radoine little by little, and changed to be a very playful dog who jumps on Radoine whenever he sees him.

Blanca  Blanco Rescued Dogs

The biggest issue that Radoine is facing, is people’s reaction when they see his dogs. Even the vet asks him to put a muzzle on his dogs every time he visits him.

Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Radoine told:

“ I had my first dog when I was 13, he was a Pit Bull and I can confirm that in reality these are animals that can be as peaceful and affectionate as any other.”

Blanca  Blanco Rescued Dogs

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