Blind Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement The Second She Smells Of Snow

blind dog emotion feels snow

Animals with special needs show us that we must move on with our lives despite difficulties, and a blind dog who lives in Toronto, Canada is a clear example of how we must deal with problems.

When Mandy Leung brought home a 10-week-old Husky named Mackenzie, she immediately realized she was special. The adorable Mackenzie, was already totally blind in his right eye, due to ocular glaucoma which damaged his optic nerves.

Unfortunately, about a month after learning of this complication, the dog woke up unable to see through her left eye, leaving her totally blind.

Blind dog is enthusiastic about snow

Despite this inconvenience, Mackenzie never let his blindness prevent him from enjoying his life to the fullest.

Blind dog and owner

Going blind from an early age allowed her to adapt perfectly to her surroundings, and she lives like any other dog.

Blind dog snow

Mandy wrote on Instagram:

“She moves perfectly to new places and can play fetch like a normal dog!”

Mackenzie snow

In addition, the woman assures us that she sometimes forgets that she is blind because she “looks” her directly in the eyes when she talks to her or wants to ask her something. Mackenzie has the same tastes as any other dog, she enjoys playing in the park with friends, cuddling up to her mom, and going for long walks.

Adorable little dog

Mandy told The Dodo:

“Mackenzie is very calm at home, but she is very silly and mischievous outside. She is the friendliest puppy and has never met someone she doesn’t like. “

But the truth is, Mackenzie has a peculiar and special taste for something, and it’s snow, it’s his favorite pastime. It looks like Mackenzie will be waiting all year for winter to come, and when the snow finally begins to fall, she can’t contain her excitement.

Mackenzie in snow

Although she couldn’t see, as soon as she felt the snow on his face, on his mustache and on his body, his reaction was very, very gentle.

Mandy commented:

“Snow is one of his favorite things and she doesn’t want to come in if it’s snowy.”


His beautiful and abundant coat insulates him from the cold, so she can play for hours without a problem, but if his mother allows it.

Due to his blindness, Mackenzie has managed to improve his senses of smell, hearing, and touch, and it seems snow enchants them all. Obviously, the adorable Mackenzie would like the snow to last forever, but for now, it will have to set in whenever winter arrives.

Adorable Mackenzie

The beautiful reaction of the dog is an example for everyone, which shows that being happy is a decision.

Images: Instagram / Mackenziethehusky

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