Bob the Cat, Whose Exploits Became A Life-Changing Book For Its Owner

Bob cat passed away owner life change

Bob the Cat, a feline found on the street who transformed the life of a heroin addict, has sadly passed away. Bob, played an important role in the life of James Bowen, who went from drug addict to renowned author of a bestselling book.

The book, titled A Street Cat Named Bob, made the feline a global star, who sadly passed away on Tuesday at the age of 14.

James wrote in the book about the feline’s memories and all the adventures they’ve had since they met and became a loyal friendship.

The famous cat Bob has sadly passed away

Bob cat passed away owner life change

Hodder & Stoughton, the publisher that published the bestseller in 2012, confirmed the sad news of the feline, through a press release.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

The statement said:

“While James and Bob have continued to find fans around the world, Bob has lived an incredible life meeting well-wishers at book signings, traveling the world and dealing with feline fame. was an amazing cat who will be greatly missed.”

Bob cat passed away owner life change

James was a recovering drug addict when he met Bob in 2007. The feline was abandoned and injured in the hallway of his building. So she took him to the vet to have his injuries treated, then when he was cured, she left him on the street to go home.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

But the hairy man had other plans; he decided to follow his new friend wherever he went, even when he was performing street numbers. The man decided to adopt the cat, after assuming he had nowhere to go, and since then they have become inseparable friends.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

This is how the beautiful relationship began, they always went together to musical performances in the streets of London, and even accompanied him on tours to sell The Big Issue magazine.

Five years later, the aforementioned publisher decided to publish the novel written by James, which dealt with the special relationship between Bob and him.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

It was the first book he wrote about his faithful four-legged friend. After the great sales success he achieved, he wrote three more sequels; The World According to Bob, A Gift from Bob and Bob’s Little Book, a collection that has sold over 8 million books worldwide.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

The success of James’ first book was so successful that in 2016 it was released on the giant screen; made into a movie starring Luke Treadaway. The feline also appeared in the film as itself and will appear in the sequel A Gift from Bob, which is due out later this year.

Bob cat passed away owner life change

James was very sorry for the death of his faithful friend. Although he has a very big void, he will always be grateful to her and will never forget her.

James said:

“Bob saved my life, it’s as simple as that. He gave me so much more than company, with him by my side I found direction and purpose that had been lost to me. The success we achieved together through our books and movies was miraculous. He met thousands of people, touched millions of lives, there will never be a cat like him. I feel like the light went out in my life, I will never forget it.”

Bob cat passed away owner life change

Bob’s sad news was not only felt by his owner, but also his fans around the world reacted.

Paul McNamee, editor of The Big Issue, said:

“First Bob changed the life of James Bowen, then he changed the world. It represented a second chance, a hope and never giving up on someone. Our condolences to James, Bob’s faithful companion.”

Bob cat passed away owner life change

Many people paid tribute to the four-legged friend on various social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, and encouraged James.

This feline will remain in the memory of its owner and all its fans, a fine example of friendship and self-improvement.

Images: Instagram / streetcatnamedbob

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