Obese Cat Is Upset And Does Not Hesitate To Complain During Physiotherapy


Adorable obese cat is very upset with her weight loss routine and doesn’t hesitate to complain during her therapy with her vets

This obese cat has gone viral thanks to her lack of enthusiasm for the therapies she has to undergo due to her weight. In October 2019, the Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Washington, USA shared a funny video on their social media about this dissatisfied feline named Cinderblock, who uses one leg to move around on a treadmill, as she seems to be arguing with people.

These exercises are part of your weight loss regimen. The clip quickly went viral, with millions of views and people liking and commenting on the angry cat on Facebook.

Due to its size, CinderBlock cannot take more than a few painless steps due to its joint issues, so it has been considered a good candidate for the underwater treadmill by vets.

Obese cat is upset and doesn’t hesitate to complain

obese cat complaints physiotherapy

Unfortunately, as the clinic-recorded feline video shows, cats may take some time to get used to these exercises. And they may not appeal to you at all.

In the video, you can see that while the water treadmill was running, CinderBlock is sitting in a corner, letting one leg crawl along the track while expressing his complete displeasure with a few loud cries.

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Since the affair and Cinderblock’s reaction to his therapies became known, the Gray cat has become a figure of the Internet. For this reason, the veterinary hospital regularly informs people of their progress.

Many people enjoyed Cinderblock’s first video on the treadmill using one leg with disgust. In the video, one of the vets can be heard exclaiming “Are you exercising?” “

obese cat complaints physiotherapy

Her former family took her to the vet center after Cinderblock’s health and hygiene issues, largely due to her obesity, became difficult to manage.

Veterinarian Brita Kiffney told HuffPost:

“I don’t want to embarrass the previous owner in any way.”

obese cat complaints physiotherapy

Since that time, therapies have continued and Cinderblock has made great strides in terms of weight and relationship to physiotherapy exercises. By September of the previous year, Cinder had reached the weight of 16 pounds; a breakthrough, remembering that his starting weight was 21.8 pounds.

obese cat complaints physiotherapy

In early February, in one of the updates on Facebook, the clinic announced that the cat had recently discovered a lump on her breast. It turned out to be a mast cell tumor, usually benign in cats.

obese cat complaints physiotherapy

Cinderblock is still recovering and will continue his weight loss process, and apparently the treadmill is already something he doesn’t mind in the slightest.

You can enjoy updates on Cinderblock’s progress on the veterinary clinic’s Facebook account and visit it on Instagram.

Images: Northshore Veterinary Hospital / cinderblock_cat