Boston Terrier : Tips For A Great Family dog

Boston Terrier Tips

The Boston Terrier has been called the ultimate family dog. Many homeowners say your family is not complete until you have a Boston Terrier or two.

And it’s easy to understand why homeowners make glowing reports about the interactions between their Boston Terriers and their kids. Not only will your children benefit from this playful and cuddly playmate, they will also have a lifelong friend.

The Boston Terrier is a very smart dog, friendly and always ready for outings. He likes being surrounded by people and enjoys a family and affectionate “pack”.

Generally eager to please, it is so endearing that you will not want to consider another breed. If you have young children and intend to buy – adopt a dog, or if you already have a Boston Terrier, here are some rules to make the relationship between children and the dog as simple as possible.

1. A good socialization means a good family dog

Boston Terriers breed dogs are easy to socialize. Take your puppy with you in the car or go shopping whenever you can.

The puppy should get used to being surrounded by people and other dogs. Although it is not recommended to take your puppy to public places before they have received all their vaccinations, you can take him to the car when you pick up the children at school.

Boston Terrier Tips

2. The Boston Terrier – and like any dog ​​- should not be treated aggressively

Children must be taught not to disturb the dog when eating. Any dog ​​becomes aggressive if he is disturbed while eating, which can lead to many tragic bites.

Letting your kids feed the dog is a great way to get them involved in your dog’s care. If your dog grunts, discourage him by saying “No” and stating that grunting is unacceptable behavior.

3. Some sessions with a dog trainer are a good idea

Even if your Boston Terrier behaves well; a dog trainer can reassure you that your dog is aware of the limitations of your family.

Boston Terrier Tips

4. The puppy must not bite children – even in a fun way

When puppies start teething, their sweet little bites do not hurt at this age – but they will when your dog has teeth!

Instead, encourage a “no bite” policy. Offer toys and other appropriate gadgets to keep them occupied.

5. Make the boundaries clear

As with any dog, boundaries are the key. Your puppy should not be allowed to roam freely in the house until he has been properly trained to cleanliness.

This is an important process in which you can involve children.
The puppy must be out whenever he wants and the children will benefit by taking them out and waiting for them to finish their business.

Boston Terrier Tips

In summary

By following these tips, you’ll make sure your Boston Terrier dog is family friendly.

Having a dog at home, especially a Boston Terrier, can also be a wonderful positive experience for your children. Your children will learn a lot of valuable skills from their dog.

They benefit from learning the value of respect. They learn responsibility (children should also be encouraged to take care of their dog). In addition, they will learn patience, kindness and compassion.

Your dog will develop a special relationship with your children, as dogs of this breed are generally happy to play with them.

If they are socialized properly, they are tolerant and will even allow children to dress up with them.


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