A boy finds his beloved dog, who disappeared 8 months ago. The tears flow!

boy finds dog disappeared 8 months

Parting with a beloved pet is a terrible experience. This nightmare happened to a boy who lost his best friend. This is a story that touches your heart.

For most people, 8 months is enough time to lose hope

Rocco Risso is an 11-year-old boy whose best friend was a dog named Jack. Unfortunately, one day the dog disappeared and disappeared for 8 months! The boy and his family were completely devastated.

Through it all, Rocco never lost hope. He believed that one day Jack would be found. One day, the good news finally got out. It turns out that someone saw a dog that looked like Jack at the gas station. There was no 100% certainty that it was him, but this quadruped seemed really familiar!

It was the day Rocco had been praying for for months

It’s incredible, but the quadruped at the station was indeed Jack! After 8 months of living on the streets, the dog was finally found. The person who found it took the animal to their car, then called the family to tell them the good news. When it turned out to be Jack, the family decided to give Rocco a special surprise.

The emotional meeting of the two was recorded on video. Whether you have a dog or not, you will definitely cry too!

Rocco’s mother called him and told him to come out. When the boy opened the door, he stopped in his tracks when he saw who was waiting for him outside: it was his beloved Jack!

Jack got the biggest hug ever and Rocco immediately started crying. They were both extremely happy to see each other again. What a meeting it was…

You can watch the exciting meeting of these two in the video below:

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