Little Boy Finds A Puppy And Carries It To A Safe Place In His Backpack

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

Boy finds a puppy on the street and carries it in his backpack to take him to the only safe place he knows

João Gabriel, a 10-year-old boy, was walking home from school in Brazil when he found a little life that needed help. On the way, there was a lonely white puppy, whom João simply could not ignore.

João told G1:

“I had just gotten out of class and I found the little dog. He gave me regret, because he was alone and he was very cool, he seemed to be hungry. I took him to the pharmacy where I pass every day and I know that he has ration and water for the street dogs and I left him there, eating.”

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

Boy finds puppy and takes it to safety in his backpack

Outside the pharmacy they leave a container with food and water for the homeless dogs. So, thinking that this would be the safest place, little João loaded the puppy in his backpack and carried him there.

Unbeknownst to him, a security camera was recording the boy’s moving act of love and kindness.

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

In the video we can see João saying goodbye to the puppy that he saved, but the puppy was not alone for long. Pharmacy workers quickly noticed and alerted Josiel Pedro Barbosa, an animal rescuer who is in charge of keeping full containers outside the pharmacy.

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

Josiel, who for years has worked taking care of homeless dogs in the region, immediately went to pick up the puppy to take him into care.

After Josiel told his followers on social media what had happened, requesting help to find the puppy a forever home, someone came forward to adopt him.

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

Then, João’s video went viral, and has been viewed millions of times on Facebook, although when he and his family found out, he was already famous for his heroism. But what mattered most to João was that the puppy was safe and sound.

João said:

“The other day, I stopped by the pharmacy and saw that he had been adopted. He was very happy.”

boy finds puppy safe place backpack

The pharmacy rewarded João with a new pair of slippers, as a token of appreciation, for taking care of the little puppy.

Josiel told Globo News that his spirit is strengthened knowing that children like João have joined the cause.

“It is good to see that you are not alone and that we hope for a better world.”

Images: G1

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