A Boy Makes Little Bow Ties For Dogs And Cats To Help Them Get Adopted

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

An amazing 14-year-old boy who lives in New Jersey, USA with his family has shown he has a huge heart. Darius Brown has developed an initiative to help many furry animals get adopted faster. This teenager handcrafts small bow ties for dogs and cats; Donate your creations to animal shelters to pique the interest of future adopters.

As he was only 2 years old, Darius was diagnosed with delayed speech, comprehension and fine motor skills, but none of these problems stopped him from setting his own goals and achieving them. When he was 8 years old, his older sister Dazhai carefully taught him how to sew and soon he was making beautiful bow ties which he was selling at his school.

In 2017, he learned that thousands of dogs and cats were left homeless in Florida and Puerto Rico due to the great devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. So Darius decided to use his talents and skills to help animals.

A boy makes small bow ties for cats and dogs

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

At the time, and at just 11 years old, Darius expanded his pet sewing business called “Beaux & Paws” on Facebook and Instagram. The young man has since donated many of his bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers in the US and UK.

These helpless animals needed a new home and adoption soon, so Darius knew he could help them if he made them even more fun and adorable by wearing their bow ties.

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Initially, the young man brought about 25 small pet bow ties to the ASPCA animal shelter in New York. Everything turned out better than expected and many animals found new homes.

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Darius told the Washington Post:

“Even something small like a tie can help get an animal adopted because a bow tie is unique and helps bring out an animal’s personality.”

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

A few years have passed and your sewing machine is still working overtime for a noble purpose. Darius believes he donated just over 600 dog and cat bow ties from various animal shelters.

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Lorri Caffrey, executive director of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, New Jersey, says:

“Animals that wear them are instantly adopted because people find them instantly charming. We had never worn bow ties before and immediately saw a huge difference.”

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Darius has been very motivated to continue making his little bow ties since he saw how successful they were in helping Hurricane Irma’s helpless animals. To date, this young man has brought bow ties to lucky dogs and cats in nearly 8 states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, among others.

The young man says:

“I saw how happy people at the shelter were to have the bow ties and how much the dogs loved them, and I decided to do more. I made it my goal to donate bow ties butterfly to an animal shelter in every state.”

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

This young man’s work receives thousands of compliments and has been featured in many publications and TV programs, he has also been recognized by many public figures including Allen Houston, Kenya Moore, Les Brown among others. Even in 2018, former President Barack Obama sent Darius a letter acknowledging and praising his commitment to the community.

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats
boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Darius says he would like to open a dog shelter one day and also hopes to include dog sweaters and vests in his line of accessories soon. The young man now makes around 10 bow ties a day and spends around 15 minutes with each one.

boy makes little bow ties dogs cats

Finally, the young man added:

“I work with all kinds of materials, but it has to be washable because dogs like to roll around a lot. I really like bright colors and bold fabrics because they stand out and grab attention. A well-dressed dog. It will make people smile.”

Darius also created a fundraising campaign to keep his supplies of sewing supplies on GoFundMe. In addition, he sells his creations on his website, donating part of the profits he receives to the ASPCA.

Images: Instagram / Sir Darius Brown

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