Boy Saved a Year to Adopt a Puppy and Cried When His Family Surprised Him With a Puppy

boy saved to adopt puppy cried family surprised him

The grandparents of 6-year-old Xander discovered that their grandson had been saving up relentlessly for a year and a half to adopt a puppy, so they decided to give him one when he visited. Her happiness was so great that she couldn’t help crying.

Xander Mellor is a six-year-old American boy who has always wanted a puppy. He knew he would immediately become his best friend. However, his parents taught him that having a pet was not just anything and that you had to have money to adopt it and give it all the necessary care.

The little boy was determined to get a puppy, so he didn’t hesitate to stop buying candy to start saving and giving his next furry friend the life, he deserved. So, a year and a half passed, and all the money the little boy received was for this great purpose.

boy saved to adopt puppy cried family surprised him

Despite all the time that had passed, Xander didn’t give up, but everything took a drastic turn when he visited his grandparents in another town. They found out about their grandson’s mission and, with the parents’ permission, they decided to surprise him and give him a puppy.

So, they took him out in front of his house and asked him to close his eyes and stretch out his arms so that he was ready to receive the gift they had for him. His grandmother “adjusts” the position to be safer for the puppy and leaves him with him.

boy saved to adopt puppy cried family surprised him

Xander, as soon as he smelled something furry, opened his eyes and looked surprised at everyone who was there, even opening his mouth because he couldn’t believe what was in front of him. His mother asks him what he thought of the gift, he smiles and says he “loves” it, to which he immediately starts crying because of the great happiness he felt.

“Every time I came home from work, I emptied my pockets and gave her all the change that was left over from the day. However, she had no idea she was going to have her puppy so soon, because I had told her that we had to fill another jar [of savings],” said her mother, Natalie Ellenburg.

“He’s the first puppy we’ve ever had and we named him Marshmallow, Mello for short,” he added. Needless to say, the two of them have already become the best friends they could wish for and they are not breaking up for anything in the world.

Images: YouTube @Caters Clips

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