This Brave Dog Defended His Little Owner From The Attack Of Another Dog

brave dog defends owner attacks other dog

Any owner and master of a puppy would do everything to ensure his well-being and take care of him in case his physical integrity is in danger. However, dogs could also do the same in similar cases.

With social networks and the Internet, recordings are sometimes revealed where the reactions of dogs to dangerous situations are presented in great detail.

brave dog defends owner attacks other dog

In this context, a few days ago the case of a dog who risked his life to prevent one of his relatives from being attacked by another dog.

According to information from Publimetro, the boy was playing with his dog in the yard in front of his house when another black dog appeared on the scene.

brave dog defends owner attacks other dog

But the little dog that appeared didn’t look like it wanted to make good friends, instead it ran straight towards the boy with the intention of violently attacking him. The family dog ​​realized his little owner was in danger and acted without thinking twice.

Just before the other black dog attacked, the dog jumped on the boy and ran so he wouldn’t be bitten. Moreover, he collided directly with the attacking dog and stopped him dead.

brave dog defends owner attacks other dog

The boy realized he was about to be attacked by the black dog, so he got up and ran across the grass to join his mother. Meanwhile, the rescue dog chased the other dog from the scene.

As can be seen in the images, the black dog had escaped from his house without a leash, because seconds after the incident his guardian came out into the street to arrest him.

Most netizens praised the pup for his commendable action and for bravely defending his little master, who could have been seriously injured after the attack.

Images: TikTok @richardrrp

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