Break-dancing dog surprises everyone with his performance at a school party

Break-dancing dog performance viral
TikTok / scorpiondelanoche

The recording of the puppy moving its paws to the music distracted the participant’s full attention.

The tenderness of animals was once again on display in a video circulating on social media when a dog took the forbidden steps during a school presentation.

In the footage, you can see the animal moving its legs to the beat of the music, which quickly caught the attention of thousands of users who made the video go viral.

“When Firulais takes his forbidden steps”, quotes the description of the video which melted the various Internet platforms.

Break-dancing dog performance viral
TikTok / scorpiondelanoche

It seems that the protagonist of the recording is a stray dog who infiltrated the school on the day of the presentation.

Hundreds of people did not hesitate to comment on the video, and to thank the person who recorded them for giving them a few minutes of joy.

“He ended up being the protagonist with his forbidden steps,” quotes one of the comments which shows that people like to see happy puppies.

“Every time Firulais danced,” “this duo has already won thanks to the little dog steps,” they add.

@scorpiondelanoche #firulaisentiktok ♬ sonido original – Horacio Solsol Pimpincos

The story of this little dog with forbidden steps is reminiscent of the stray dog who showered kisses on the person who found him in the street and decided to adopt him.

The photographs show the animal’s difficult past and how neglected it was; reasons that would have pushed her to give all her love to her new owner.

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