Brown Kitten And Sister Cuddle Everyone Until They Find A Forever Home

brown kitten sister hugs find home

Rescuers Melissa and Tyler Lucas have welcomed a pair of kittens to their animal shelter. The adorable felines needed a home and a lot of love, they were still very small, but they were full of energy.

The kittens, Ida of black color, and Isabella, also known as Izzy, of brown fur, are two sweet and loving sisters who since arriving at the shelter of the shelter, they are truly inseparable.

Melissa told Love Meow:

“They were taken to the shelter when their mother could not take care of them. Ida is a fighter and is always a few days ahead in terms of development. Izzy is the fluffy, comfortable person who is more than happy to do nothing but sleep and eat.”

The brown kitten and her sister are cuddling everyone

Brown cat and her sister hugs

Kittens liked to be around people. Izzy, in particular, was very comfortable with her humans and loved to be pampered, she closed her eyes and fell sound asleep within seconds in the arms of her guardians.

Naughty kitty

Sweet Izzy still needed help eating all of the contents of her bottle. She was very grateful for all the attention she received and enjoyed long discussions with her adoptive father after meals. It took a few tries for the kittens to start weaning, but when Ida got it and put the bottle down for good, Izzy quickly followed suit and so did her sister.

Brown kitten

The kittens loved to play games and run around the place like two experienced explorers. After being exhausted, the two sisters moved closer to their caregivers to enjoy a nap with their foster family.

Mélissa says:

“Izzy needed a little time to snuggle up before he could calm down. She’s crazy, but she cuddles with the same level of enthusiasm as she does everything else.”

Adorable rescued kittens

The adoptive mother of the kittens says:

“These girls are obsessed with their people. If a human is close enough to climb, fight, kiss, or snuggle up, you better believe that Ida and Izzy (often literally) will seize the opportunity. It makes it really hard to be productive with them, but it also creates some super adorable moments.”

Adorable sleeping kittens

One day the mischievous Izzy took to doing something out of her routine, she was determined and in an instant the daring little furball didn’t hesitate to climb onto the back of the resident dog, JD, to give him a quick hug around his neck.

When she was finally tired of all her adventures and felt ready for bedtime, she turned to her foster mother for hugs and attention.

Mellisa remembers:

“She was sitting on the back of the couch, yelling at me all the time. He would pick it up and fall asleep in 2.75 seconds. I put her on Ty’s lap, wake up, jump on the back of the couch, yelling at myself again. These girls are in need, but especially Izzy.”

Brown kitten and her sister bathe everyone with hugs

After 10 weeks with the kittens, they were finally ready to come out of the nest and find their permanent home.

Mélissa added:

“It took a long time for these little ladies to settle down. They certainly got on with it at their own pace, especially Izzy. But we got there, I’m very proud of them, and I’m very excited for whatever their next chapter might have.”

Sweet kittens

Lucky for everyone, it turned out that some of Melissa’s friends also fell madly in love with the felines and adopted them through the shelter. With this, the couple will be able to see updates on their life at home while continuing to help other kittens in need.

Images: Instagram / beardogandblinkin

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