The little bulldog tries to chase the cat’s tail, but did not expect its reaction

bulldog chase cat tail reaction

The bulldog puppy did not need expensive toys. When the cat waved its tail in front of the dog’s eyes, the dog couldn’t help but go hunting. The happy dog was quickly punished by the cat, who had had enough. The charming fun of two animals touched netizens.

The cat’s tail was enough for the bulldog to use the accumulated energy. The cat was not thrilled, so the dog unfortunately had to suffer the consequences of his behavior.

Puppies need to play, even if it sometimes takes strange forms

Play is important for a dog’s brain development. It allows puppies to explore the world and the possibilities of their body. Without it, they wouldn’t learn to socialize.

In the case of the bulldog in the video, he has learned what he can afford and where the limit of acceptable behavior lies. Besides being cute, the video shows the moment an older animal teaches him not to behave. Let the lesson not be in vain.

They play like a dog and a cat

A puppy needs little to play. The one in the video only needed a cat’s tail to provide hours of entertainment. The cat, however, was not eager for mischief and decided to teach the bulldog a lesson.

The cat sat quietly on the table and ate from the bowl. Its black tail hung over the edge and wiggled back and forth. A white French bulldog waiting for him under the table followed him with his muzzle and treated him like game. The tail slipped from him as he opened his mouth to catch it. He jumped, ran, struggled until he finally stalked him.

The irritated cat had to react

It is not known if the cat had ever felt its tail being chased. When the bulldog gritted his teeth against him and began to tug and struggle, waving his paws in the air, the cat decided to confront him. He turned to the animal and leaned down, then gave it a few direct blows to the pretty face.

It seemed that this was not the first time that the bulldog tormented his feline companion with a game. The dog calmed down immediately, but the smile never left his face. It seems that despite the punishment he received, the fun was worth it.

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