They film a bus driver who takes his dogs in his pockets to work to take care of them

bus driver dogs his pockets
TikTok: leamosuncuento

Humans’ best friends are dogs, as people have long said. But why ?

The main reason to believe this is the loyalty that dogs show when living with family, as they usually wait for the moment when their owners come home to welcome them, accompany them whenever they can, try to cheer them up when they are sad…

Additionally, throughout history there have been cases of dogs who have waited for their owners for years, like Hachiko, and just as they give us so much love and loyalty, we also respond to them with love. same way.

The driver moved the world when he worked accompanied by his dogs

bus driver dogs his pockets
TikTok: leamosuncuento

This was demonstrated by a bus driver in San Bartolo, Peru, as he headed to work with his four-legged friends.

Thanks to TikTok, user “leamosuncuento” shared the video that shows what happened.

As can be seen in the clip, the collector was on his feet, carrying out his daily work, but with details that are not always visible. And in his pockets he carried his little dog, who was really comfortable and calm, even though he wasn’t the only one.

bus driver dogs his pockets
TikTok: leamosuncuento

In the next shot, it can be seen that the man was carrying a second dog in another pocket, which also appeared relaxed and comfortable despite the driver moving down the aisle of the bus, which amused the user.

“Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Barthélemy!” Miss please your ticket, give it to my human please. What’s happening to you? Have you ever seen a hoarding dog? Yes I am, I come to work with my father (…) please, gentlemen passengers, your ticket, please collaborate. A little back, my brother and I are working with my dad, a little back,” the audio of the video says to simulate what the puppies are “saying.”

bus driver dogs his pockets
TikTok: leamosuncuento

In this way, the video quickly accumulated many views as well as comments from users. “The complete passage or the bite”, “I died of tenderness. I get on a bus like this and I’m not going to want to get off, instead I ask the Lord to let me carry them”, “I always say that people who are with their dogs like this, they are the best”, “The most tender and beautiful collector I saw today”, “When you love your family, you are always with them”, “These videos show that there are still good people with a heart noble, they made my day” and “Responsible owner. Little dogs are very lucky,” some said in the post.

Watch the following video:

@leamosuncuento #perritostrabajadores #perritostrabajando #perritostrabajadores😅 ♬ sonido original – Liliana Lizcano

A person who understood the importance of taking care of dogs.

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