Butcher Gives Meat To Hungry Stray Dogs And Cats

butcher gives meat hungry stray dogs cats

The butcher, Ikram Korkmazer, has become a celebrity in Turkey for treating his everyday guests with love. “I instilled a love of animals in this world,” he said.

There are people who, whatever the context in which they find themselves, will always have a space, a time and a gesture to help those who need it most. Especially when it comes to abandoned and hungry strays animals.

Ikram Korkmazer has become a hero and a savior for these little animals, like dogs and cats, that roam the streets of Turkey.

Butcher gives the meat to hungry stray dogs and cats

butcher gives meat hungry stray dogs cats

According to an Epoch Times report, this merchant has a popular and successful butcher shop, which also owes its fame to the solidarity of the owner himself, who has a very special policy: any stray animal that goes there leaves with a coin. Meat gift.

And it seems that the same animals also know that Ikram donates the leftovers of his products since there is not a day when a single hungry dog ​​or cat visits him.

butcher gives meat hungry stray dogs cats

But this tradition does not start from scratch. There was a time when the butcher was visited by a cat named Yeşim, who was also expecting cats. The cat, after giving birth, began to visit Ikram every day with her offspring in search of food.

“They stood on two legs, looked at the meat on the counter and ordered meat. They started coming to ask for food five or six times a day,” the butcher said.

butcher gives meat hungry stray dogs cats

Gradually, more and more animals started visiting his business premises, and obviously Ikram, who is a cat and dog lover, was more than thrilled. Each of his guests received a piece of meat. For him, it was a way of honoring the cat, who died weeks after giving birth.

Ikram, which has 41 years of experience in the business, offers a full menu for dogs and cats. Among the foods offered are lamb meat, hearts, kidneys, bones, among other types.

butcher gives meat hungry stray dogs cats

The merchant has gone viral on social media as he documents each animal visit to his store and uploads them to Instagram. “I have 4 billion people watching my videos, and they still do,” he said.

For him, the important thing is to excite and motivate people to be aware of the care of stray animals, and also to advocate for responsible ownership so that they do not abandon them again.

“I have instilled love for animals in this world and I am proud to present Turkey as an animal-loving country.”

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