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The calf didn’t want to play with the other cows. Someone else stole her heart

Highlands, i.e. Scottish mountain cattle, are considered one of the oldest breeds in the world. This type of calf was born on one of the farms. The little one was looking for a companion to play with, but unfortunately the adult cows were not interested in playing in the pasture. The calf quickly got tired of running alone. Much to the farm owner’s surprise, the animal found a friend to play with. Although they differ in species, they have become inseparable.

Like a dog with a cat. Animals also show feelings

Cows are considered herd animals. These creatures have always formed larger groups to reduce the risk of being attacked. In the past, they grazed in open areas, where they were threatened by many predators. Currently, on most farms they spend time in fenced areas and are primarily guarded by sheepdogs.

When visiting a farm, we often have the opportunity to see that friendship between different species of animals really exists. The most common example is dogs and cats living together. However, there are relationships that are simply impossible to imagine. Animals prove to us at every stage that they have feelings and can show them in many ways.

A surprising friendship. The owner couldn’t believe it

Since its birth, the calf has felt very alone. Unfortunately, the young male was born at a time when the other calves were already grown and we had to wait for the next cow mates. So, the little calf had to run alone among the adult cows, and although he tried to encourage them to play, his happy dances were in vain. Mature cows were mainly interested in nibbling on the best blades of grass.

Unexpectedly, the lonely bull found a companion. The calf’s new friend is a female Belgian shepherd. The farm owner was surprised by her dog’s behavior. Yes, the dog was well trained and took care of the herd, but she was never interested in other animals. The day she meets a little cow under the caring eye of her caretaker, she never leaves it. This behavior is very different from the general description of this breed.

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This is not a dog for everyone. Requires an experienced owner

Belgian Shepherds, called Malinois, have a strong character, so they need a guardian familiar with the needs of this breed. They need a lot of exercise and training with people is the best reward for dogs. The shepherd dog hates inactivity. Lack of activity can lead to inappropriate behaviors in the form of hyperactivity or aggression.

The Belgian Shepherd is very attached to his master, but is moderately tolerant towards other animals. He has a strong territorial instinct and is perfect as a guard.

calf didnt want to play with the other cows
Pexels @Laura Paredis

The animal owner supervised the first contacts of her dog and her calf. Although she knew her dogs were highly trained and would not harm animals, she knew the nature of the breed she owned. However, each time the creatures proved to him that they had a true and incredible friendship. All the caregiver had to do was accept the feeling between them.

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