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He called the shelter with an unusual request. He asked about a cat that no one wants. He had a purpose in this

Just before Christmas, one of the employees at a homeless animal shelter received an unusual phone call. The mysterious man had no intention of adopting an animal, and yet he asked about the loneliest animal. After a few days, the purpose of this surprising interview became clear. This story is a great example of how even small gestures have great power.

Shelter worker received strange phone call

The run-up to Christmas is a particularly difficult time for those who help homeless animals. During this time, many irresponsible guardians get rid of unwanted animals. Worse, in December there is also less interest in seriously considered adoptions. It’s no wonder, the end of the year is an intense time that most people spend preparing for family vacations.

However, it turns out that there are also people who, during this magical time, think about those that no one likes. On December 18, one of the employees of the Australian Society for the Protection of Animals received a telephone call which greatly surprised him. The mystery man emphasized from the beginning that he was not interested in adopting an animal, but he nevertheless asked about the animal most in need.

The mysterious man asked about the loneliest animal

The shelter employee immediately knew which animal needed the most. This is the charming cat Maggie. Even though she is beautiful and very sweet, no one has wanted to offer her a permanent home for many months. This is all due to his innate shyness. The cat is afraid of strangers and gaining their trust takes a long time and requires a lot of patience.

called the shelter with an unusual request

The mystery man thanked me for the information about the lonely dog and then hung up. After a few days, it became clear why he was asking such unusual questions. He decided to give the unwanted cat a gift. After learning that Maggie loves scratching posts, the gift turned out to be a success. The cat received an exclusive rainbow-shaped scratching post. Certainly, the first days, she treated him with reserve. She first had to sniff it several times to make sure it was safe. However, after a while, she started to enjoy using it.

called the shelter with an unusual request

Maggie’s life just got better

The unique gesture of a man who could not adopt any animal under his roof, but still wanted to help at least one person in need before Christmas, touched all the employees of the shelter. Now, Maggie spends a lot of time scratching her beloved toy every day. Maybe this will make him trust people more and increase his chances of finding a good home.

We must remember that even small gestures have a huge impact. Homeless animals can be helped in several ways. You don’t need a lot of time or energy for this. All you need is a little willpower and creativity.

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