How To Calm A Very Active Kitten?

Calm A Very Active Kitten

The kitten can turn into an obnoxious little monster that scratches, bites, gnaws furniture, rushes around the apartment and jumps on the curtains. Don’t worry: with time and a good education, he will grow into an obedient and disciplined pet. But even up to this point, there is a way to calm the kitten.

Tips for calming a very active Kitten

Tip #1

If the kitten is very angry, try to grab it and hug it, pet it. At this age, the animal is growing and developing, it has a lot of energy, which needs to be given an outlet. Therefore, it is recommended to spend a lot of time with him: playing, entertaining…

The more you entertain the kitten during the day, the less he will bother the owner at night, since he will no longer have strength for this, and his activity will noticeably decrease. You can especially play actively with him a few hours before bedtime so that he gets tired. It is necessary to stop the game gradually, making the movements smoother and calmer. If you suddenly interrupt it, the kitten will want to continue and chase the owner’s legs.

Tip #2

If with the help of attention and affection it is not possible to curb an overactive animal, you will have to be strict. Remember that in no case should a kitten be beaten: after just one time he will remember it and experience fear and distrust of the owner, which is fraught with consequences. Due to the constant feeling of danger in the animal, mental disorders may arise that will make it inadequate.

In addition, cats are very vindictive. Therefore, the rigor to a kitten is a light click on the nose or a splash of water from a spray bottle. Another method is to grab him lightly by the scruff of the neck, as his mother did with him recently. But all this should be done only at the time of the prank: cats have a very short memory and a few minutes after the trick the animal will not understand why the owner is doing this to him.

Tip #3

A high-pitched sound will also help calm the kitten: you can specially throw a metal object on the ground so that it falls with a roar. The goal is not to scare the kitten, but to distract him from pranks, divert attention and reduce his playful mood.

If this method does not work, you need to stop paying attention to the animal and make it clear that the owner does not like this behavior.

Tip #4

To make the educational process more effective, a kitten can be rewarded for good behavior. For example, when he stopped meowing loudly, at the request of the owner, he came down from the curtain, stopped too rough games, he should be praised, treated with his favorite treats.

But there has to be a sequence here: you shouldn’t praise your pet too much or do it too often, otherwise he will try to get encouragement as often as possible.

Tip #5

If the kitten is stressed or frightened, to calm him down, you need to eliminate the cause of the fear. You should not immediately pick up a frightened pet in your arms – it will be better if he comes to his own senses. But talking with him in a calm and gentle voice in such a situation will benefit.

It is not necessary to give valerian to the kitten: it affects cats differently than humans and is generally prohibited by veterinarians.


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