Camera Captures Kind Woman Stopping To Pet Stray Dogs

camera captures woman petting stray dogs

Surveillance cameras were placed at the entrance of a building consisting of several offices in Georgia. Although they were installed in order to protect people from crime, a beautiful scene was recorded recently.

There are a lot of homeless dogs on the street in front of the office building, but they are not there by accident. In recent years, Nino Tabatadze, a woman who works in construction, has ensured that the dogs are well cared for.

Nino told The Dodo:

I give them food and water. I make friends with them.

The camera captures a woman petting homeless dogs

homeless dogs

In short, the kind-hearted woman lets them know that they are all important and that they can always count on their help. And for proof, a video shows when she arrives at work and that the dogs are more than happy to see their friend again.

Camera captures a woman

Of course, this video is just proof of the woman’s heartfelt and special bond with the puppies, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Dogs probably don’t have another friend like this in the world, but the reality is that they can’t wait to share their love.

Nino added:

They are very affectionate and warm.

All dogs are very grateful to their friend, after all, she has shown her great appreciation for them and makes sure to take care of them. For them, the only way to thank Nino is to give her some love and she receives it with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.

camera captures woman stray dogs

Nino commented:

Friendship with them brings me great happiness. They illuminate and warm my soul.

Woman greets little dog

Fortunately, all of these puppies have found a special ally in the woman, and for her, knowing that she takes good care of them is its own reward.

Nino will continue to take care of all his friends and make sure they never run out of what they need, including a healthy dose of love.

Images: Facebook / Nino Tabatadze

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