Camera Records Cat Comforting Anxious Dog When Family Is Away


Joule and Kelvin are inseparable, they keep company when their family is not at home and thanks to a series of videos, we can appreciate how Kelvin calms Joule’s anxiety due to loneliness.

Joule is a very sweet dog who hates loneliness, she always worries when her family is not close, but fortunately, she has the company of an unconditional friend named Kelvin, who is responsible for comforting her as you can see in a series of videos captured by a camera installed at home.

Brenna Eckert saved Joule four years ago. Kelvin, on the other hand, was adopted soon after and since then this orange brindle cat has always been characterized by its great friendliness.

Brenna told Dodo:

“Joule was very anxious when we adopted her for the first time. We work individually with a behaviorist to help solve some of their problems. ”

Brenna said:

“She is definitely a velcro dog. When we are at home, she must always be close to us. Animal shelters had each given a temporary name before adopting them. The name of the Kelvin shelter was Socks and the name of the Joule shelter was Sandals. How ironic that socks and sandals are such a fantastic pair!

When they were adopted, Brenna never imagined the relationship so beautiful that it could emerge between them, until the day when she decided to install cameras to make sure everything was fine during her absence and had a big surprise.

The cat takes care of comforting Joule throughout the day.

Brenna said:

“We realized that Kelvin and Joule were lying on the couch almost every day. I moved the camera to get a closer view of the sofa and I was surprised to see that they not only shared the sofa, but also huddled together.

The videos moved Brenna and decided to share them on social networks with the following message:

“It literally happens every day of the week for the full 8 hours we left.”

Not only does Joule feel sad to be alone, but Kelvin also misses Brenna when he is away, but with Joule next to him, everything is fine.

Brenna said:

“Kelvin’s personality is very sweet. He likes to sleep and be warm, and they both cuddle with Joule during the day.

The videos of the camera managed to demonstrate the beautiful friendship between these two animals, otherwise everything would remain secret between them.

Brenna said:

“They only snuggle against each other in this way when we are not close. If we are at home, Joule wants to be with us, so she basically ignores the cat. “

They also like to snuggle up on the couch when the whole family is together.

If you want to know more about the story of Joule and Kelvin, you can follow them on their Instagram account.

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