Cameras capture adorable dog watching over children as they sleep at night

cameras capture dog kids night

There is no question of the great loyalty that dogs have to their families. This dog was filmed watching the children in the house as they all slept; proof that even at night the most important thing for him is the well-being of those close to him.

When the lights are out and everyone is ready to sleep, an adorable dog named Killian begins his watchdog job and makes sure everyone is okay.

Kelly Rottet shared a video captured by home security cameras, where her beloved dog’s nighttime routine is observed.

Cameras capture dog monitoring children as they sleep

cameras capture dog kids night

In the video, you can see when the sweet Killian begins to walk silently around the house, checking everything around him. Suddenly he stops in the three children’s room while they are sleeping, to make sure they are safe.

cameras capture dog kids night

Kelly told The Dodo:

“He often does. He wanders the house all night, watching over us all.”

By doing the little checks to take care of her family members, she sometimes finds a comfortable place to take a nap.

cameras capture dog kids night

But even while sleeping, he’s made it clear that his family’s safety comes first and then gets up to continue the night patrols.

No one in his family has taught Killian to take care of them, but it seems his natural instincts and love are his motivation.

cameras capture dog kids night

The little dog always takes care of his favorite people and his family loves him even more because they know they will always be in his care.

Kelly added:

“It gives us a sense of security knowing that you are watching the house at night.”

Many people may not believe that animals know what they are doing, but there will always be evidence and evidence to the contrary. Killian has expressed the great love he has for everyone in his family, and it seems like this is his way of showing it.

cameras capture dog kids night

The sweet little dog will continue to act as a watchdog as many times as necessary, in order to take care of his whole family. Without a doubt, there is no better way to rest and have a good night’s sleep knowing that there is someone who is taking special care of your well-being.

cameras capture dog kids night

If you want to know more about Killian, you can follow him on Kelly’s Instagram account.

Images: Instagram/ kellrottet

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