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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Safe For Dogs ?

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Some dog owners, especially large breed owners, do not even think about whether the dog can have tomatoes or other vegetables. They believe that meat products and, if necessary, dietary supplements are enough. Supporters of this theory say that in the wild, dogs do not eat foods such as tomatoes.

In fact, this statement contains only one side of the issue. Yes, wolves will not eat tomatoes, but in their habitat they are able to obtain the necessary nutrients from other sources. Pets, however, are limited by the diet offered to them by the owners. And even elite dog food is not always able to meet the needs of the animal.

Dogs Eat Tomatoes

The benefits of tomatoes for dogs

These vegetables certainly have many beneficial properties, among which the following are worth highlighting:

  • Vitamins B, A, E, as well as some other groups vital for the quality life of a four-legged friend;
  • Beta-carotene is a very important component that allows, if not restore, then maintain vision;
  • Fiber has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the pet, cleansing the intestines in particular, and the body as a whole, from toxins, toxins and other harmful substances;
  • Calcium is essential for bone regeneration and joint strengthening;
  • Phosphorus strengthens muscles and ligaments;
  • and other active and important substances.

By the way, tomatoes are often called “teeth composition for dogs”. This is due to the fact that tomatoes are excellent at eliminating bacteria and harmful trace elements, as well as cleaning teeth from yellow plaque.



Individual intolerance and allergic reactions. They are rare, but you should beware of them. For this reason, follow the pet carefully after the first feeding.


Don’t overfeed your dog with tomatoes. Fiber is not digested, so constipation or diarrhea may follow, so lucky. Well, the heartbeat will become very frequent.


For any kidney disease, it is better to refuse tomatoes altogether.

Dogs Eat Tomatoes

In what form can a dog eat tomatoes?

People are very fond of tomatoes and consume them in a wide variety of versions. But not all of them can be useful and safe for animals. Let’s go through some of the most important items.

The best option would be those vegetables that grow in our gardens. Experienced dog breeders buy them in the markets from private sellers or directly in the garden plots from “producers”. In this case, you exclude the poisoning of the dog with pesticides and other hazardous substances.

Cherry tomatoes are quite suitable for dogs, since they practically do not differ from the usual varieties. However, they are more likely to provoke diarrhea. For this reason, it is advisable not to give them if the pet has a “weak stomach”.

Dogs Eat Tomatoes

Are tomatoes toxic to dogs?

The dog should not have access to green tomatoes

While ripe tomatoes are edible for your dog, green unripe tomatoes and nightshade plants can be harmful to them. They contain tomato, which can damage the nervous system, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, so if you grow your own in the country, make sure that they are safely fenced off from your shaggy friend.

In what form is it impossible?

Fried, salted, pickled tomatoes are only possible for a dog in one case, if you decide to get rid of it in one of the most sadistic ways. PROHIBITED.

Tomato juices, pastes, ketchups and other store products should be included in the same category, since they contain preservatives, thickeners, flavor enhancers and other components that are extremely dangerous for the animal’s body. They are undesirable for people, and even more so for animals.

To exclude irritation of the mucous membrane and subsequent inflammation, you can give tomatoes to dogs in soups, cereals, in vegetable horns, as an additive to meat, but not in pure form.

Thus, eat the tomatoes yourself, treat your four-legged friends, but do it carefully.

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