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The Canaan dog is a medium-sized breed, with a wedge-shaped head and a spitz-like appearance, with thick, abundant fur that curves the tail on the spine when it is excited or moving. Its hard, smooth and short / medium fur is sand, reddish brown, white or black.

Ideally, the dog Canaan measures between 50 and 60 cm and weighs between 18 and 25 kg.

Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog


The Canaan dog is an ancient breed from the Middle East. They used to monitor and direct the flock of the ancient inhabitants. When they dispersed, the same thing happened with their dogs, and only the strongest and most intelligent survived in this hostile environment.

Bedouin tribes have adopted some of these dogs to protect their fields and herds. During the 1930s, they needed a dog to monitor remote villages. The dog of Canaan was the chosen option; It was a semi-wild breed, able to survive in the most difficult conditions.

Today, this dog remains the guardian of the Bedouin tribes and the Israeli army used them for surveillance and patrol work.


The Canaan dog is not a man-made breed, but is one of the few natural breeds that exist today. He has been tamed over the years, but he still has an extremely powerful survival instinct that makes them independent and suspicious.

They are territorial dogs, without being aggressive for men, but also protectors of the family, as much for adults as for children. They can fight with other dogs and even aggressive with other members of the same sex, so it is essential to teach them to socialize from a young age.

Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog


The Canaan dog is generally a healthy breed, with some problems widely recognized as specific to his breed. It is advisable to have a hip examination and an eye exam for reproduction to avoid any problems during reproduction.


These dogs like to exercise and are agile and athletic. They will adapt to as many exercises as they are allowed, indoors and outdoors. It is advisable to take the dog Canaan for a good walk every day for at least an hour.


Your dog’s diet should contain the proper proportion of all major nutrient groups, including a continuous supply of fresh water.

It is important to carry out regular checks using the ‘fitness’ tool to make sure you keep your dog in perfect condition and to think about feeding him twice a day, according to his feeding instructions.


The Canaan dog has a hard and smooth fur, of medium to short length, with an abundant lower layer. The coat should be brushed once a week. During moulting, the thick lower layer falls in large quantities, so it is advisable to brush them daily.

Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog Breed Highlights

Positive points

  • Canaan Dog is known for making a wonderful pet.
  • It forms very strong bonds with his family and his owner.
  • It is known to be very good and tolerant towards children of all ages.
  • It is very intelligent and in good hands, easy to train.
  • Canaan Dog makes an excellent watchdog.
  • It has an easy-care coat.
  • Canaan Dog is very clean and has a low coat.

Negative points

  • Canaan Dog can attach to its original owner when adopted.
  • It flourishes by receiving a lot of daily physical exercises and mental stimulation.
  • It is suspicious of strangers.
  • It must be well socialized from an early age to become a confident adult dog.
  • Aggressive behavior of the same sex can be a problem.
  • Canaan Dog can be very territorial and have a strong sense of prey.


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