Cane Corso Puppies: Features Of Selection, Feeding And Care

Cane Corso puppy Puppies

Cane Corso puppies are adorable hulks that grow very quickly in the first six months. A tiny fat-footed one-month-old baby reaches the height of an adult dog by eight months, but physical and mental formation lasts for another two years. The first year of the dog’s life is the most important, since it is at this time that intensive bone growth occurs, the ligaments are strengthened, and the correct bite is formed. Improper diet, excess or lack of physical activity can cause defects in the exterior or even illness of the puppy.

Cane Corso is not only a reliable home guard dog, but also an ideal family pet.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

Even the name of the breed suggests that for centuries this dog has guarded and protected a person and his property.

From Italian “corso” is translated as “protection of the owner, property.”

An intelligent and harmoniously built dog, undemanding in nutrition and care, will become an excellent protector and, naturally, a friend for the family.

Earlier, St. Bernard puppies took the palm in soft communication with children.

Feeding cane corso puppies

It is important that the Cane Corso puppy receive a balanced diet that will promote full development.

Therefore, they must be fed with protein foods (eggs, cottage cheese, fermented milk products) and meat.

In no case should you save on fresh meat, otherwise the pet may develop vitamin deficiency, which will affect its development and appearance in the future.

It is also necessary to give the baby porridge, meat broths.

Most veterinarians recommend giving your cane corso puppies / dog boiled meat and offal, as raw foods may contain worm germs.

It is also useful to give boiled liver in addition to meat, which is very useful for both Cane Corso puppies and Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

It is quite possible to give no more than 100 grams of liver per day.

It is possible to give udders, hearts, lungs, kidneys only from 6 months, partially replacing meat in the daily diet.

It is better to give your cane corso puppies lean sea fish, completely cleared of bones. It is desirable that it be boiled. But salted or smoked fish is prohibited.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy


Bones cannot be given to a pet, they clog the intestines, and tubular bones can cause extremely serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

To improve digestion, the cane corso puppy should be given such fermented milk products as kefir or cottage cheese. They must be fresh, no additives.

Milk can also be given, it is a source of nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and B.

Eggs are best given to cane corso puppies in the form of omelets; raw they are poorly digested by the dog’s stomach.

It is also useful to add fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs to the diet.

After all, the latter contain fiber, vitamins and minerals useful for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Premium dry food can be added to the diet of an adult dog.

It is worth remembering about the dishes that should not be given to your pet:

Sweets; Fatty, smoked, salty food; hot or too cold food; Stale food (such as sour milk).

Before you buy a Cane Corso puppy, consider whether you can provide your pet with a balanced diet.

The structure of the baby, health, and appearance also depend on the quality of nutrition.


Remember that it is important to feed your cane corso puppy properly as an adult dog.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

Tidiness training

Cane Corso puppies, photos of which are affectionate, at an early age will satisfy their physical needs anywhere.

You should not punish them, because at an early age they still do not understand that it is forbidden to make a puddle in the house.

But it is important to properly educate the cane corso puppy so that later it is emptied exclusively on the street.

The cane corso puppy will only learn to tolerate by 6-7 months, and then it will be possible to take him for a walk 1-2 times a day.

Before that, it is desirable that the cane corso puppy be outside after sleep and after eating, so he can understand that the toilet is outside.

It is important to praise your puppy when it empties on the street and shame when it does it at home or in the apartment.

Vaccinations for Cane corso puppies

The first vaccination is given to a cane corso puppy at the age of 5-6 months, it is necessary to give the pet anthelmintic drugs a week before.

In 2-3 weeks after this, revaccination is carried out, and after the same interval – the third vaccination.

Each vaccination requires deworming.

After this course of three vaccinations, puppies needs to be vaccinated once a year, 11 months after the previous one.

At an early age, the cane corso puppy’s immunity is not yet strong, so you can take him outside only two weeks after the second vaccination.


Do not vaccinate a pregnant or lactating dog, as well as a sick pet.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

Weight and height of Cane Corso puppies by month

The owner of a Cane Corso puppy should take into account that in the first five months the dog grows very quickly. In just four months, the height at the withers doubles, the Cane Corso puppy almost triples its weight.

Experienced breeders, knowing the parents and ancestors of the puppy, can roughly determine what size and size the dog will be by the year. This is important information, because if there is a prerequisite that the cane corso puppy will outgrow the border established by the standard, then the show score will be reduced.

From four months such babies are fed ready-made dry food intended for adult dogs.

Approximate data on the height and weight of a Cane Corso puppy by month can be presented in the form of a table:

45 days25 cm6 kg
2 months30 cm9 kg
3 months45 cm13.5 kg
4 months55 cm18 kg
5 months58 cm24.5 kg
6 months62 cm31.5 kg
7 months63 cm37.5 kg
8 months63.5 cm40 kg
9 months64 cm42 kg
10 months65 cm44 kg
11 months66 cm45.5 kg
1 year66 cm47.5 kg
Cane Corso puppy growth table

All data in the table are conditional, since all Cane Corso babies develop and grow in different ways. Bitches are usually a few centimeters shorter, males are more massive. The weight of a Cane Corso puppy is not important. Physical condition should be an indicator of the health of a pet: if the cane corso puppy is not fat, not emaciated, then you do not need to weigh it.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

Raising a puppy cane corso

The nature of the Cane Corso is calm, this breed is balanced and loyal.

The cane corso puppy quickly gets used to his masters, is always ready to stand up for them, but at the same time he is suspicious of strangers.

For years the cane corso dog played the role of a protector, so it has highly developed protective instincts.

Not with “his” puppies will be tense and distrustful, and from an early age, as in the case of shorthaired pointer puppies, it is important to suppress possible outbursts of aggression and anger towards strangers.

There are several basic rules in the upbringing of the Cane Corso puppies, which every owner should remember:

More communication

Even a guard dog should not be in constant isolation, otherwise it will either be afraid of strangers and dogs, or unreasonably express its anger. The more you walk the dog in crowded places, introduce him to other pets and people, the more socially oriented the cane corso puppy will become. This in turn guarantees the development of a balanced character and calmer, but not cowardly, behavior.

Distribution of roles in the family

It is important from childhood to teach a cane corso puppy not to growl, not bite, even playfully, family members, not bark at guests. These basics of education are the basis of the character of an adult dog. Both Cane Corso puppies and adult pets are very friendly towards children and tolerate their pranks, but it is important that the kids do not tease the puppies, especially with their hands. The bites of a 5-6 month old puppy are perceived as a game, but it will be difficult to wean an older dog.

Unwanted acquaintances

Avoid unfamiliar dogs, especially if they are not raised the way you would like. Cane Corso puppies are very fond of imitating other pets, and can quickly adopt the habits of an ill-bred dog in the park. This does not mean that you need to isolate the cane corso puppy from communication, but it will not be superfluous to keep track of who she communicates with.


It is important from an early age to accustom the cane corso puppy to what is allowed and what is not. If you indulge him and allow everything, by the age of 1.5-2 years he will feel himself the main one in the “pack” -family, and it will be very difficult to disaccustom him to gnaw furniture, or to satisfy his physical needs anywhere. It is important that the Cane Corso puppy is brought up in a spacious, well-ventilated room, given enough time, especially during walks, and fully fed. Favorable living conditions will greatly simplify the training and education of the pet.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

Physical exercise

Up to 4 months of age, long walks are contraindicated for Cane Corso puppies, as they get tired very quickly and still poorly regulate their own body temperature.

In frosty or rainy weather, you need to constantly monitor the coat and condition of the baby during a walk, and at the first sign that the pet is cold, you need to take him home.

Hypothermia threatens colds, rheumatism and other diseases.

From 5-6 months you need to gradually increase physical activity for the cane corso puppy.

A day you need to walk with the cane corso puppy for at least an hour, at which time it should trot, jump, walk on a zigzag territory (this exercise is very useful for the paws and ligaments).

It is important to offer the cane corso puppy different exercises, for example, lifting the toys over his head and twisting them so that the dog watches, turning his head, or turns his whole body around.

This warm-up is useful for the paws, withers, back. Also, experts recommend running with dogs in deep snow, letting them swim in water bodies in warm weather.

Contact with the owner

To establish contact with your cane corso puppy, you need to be attentive and sensitive, catch the pet’s mood, and look into its eyes more often.

Become not only a mentor for your puppy, but also a friend, spend time with him, invent games, reward for achievements.

Become not only a mentor for your puppy, but also a friend, spend time with him, invent games, reward for achievements.

If you establish contact with the cane corso puppy, he will gladly go for walks with you, look for you, if he loses sight, he will catch toys and balls that you throw to him.

You will find a loyal friend by purchasing a Cane Corso puppy, the price of a puppy is worth the positive emotions that it will bring to the whole family.

Cane Corso puppy Puppies
Cane Corso puppy

How to choose the right Cane Corso puppy

Having decided on the question of why a puppy of this particular breed is purchased and why it is taken, the owner comes to the breeder. But how to choose a Cane Corso puppy?

There are still a lot of cases when a pet is acquired spontaneously, at the first glance at a dog, but this behavior of a potential owner is erroneous. The pet is chosen carefully, meticulously, since the dog will live in the family for ten or fifteen years.

A mistake in choosing will definitely respond to problems and troubles. The choice of a dog or a bitch should not depend on the owner’s unwillingness to “endure estrus”. The behavior of a Cane Corso of different sexes is very different.

Males are much more powerful, stronger and more stubborn than females, they tend to dominate, and it takes physical strength and a strong character to raise such a serious dog. Bitches are people-oriented, family-oriented, affectionate and tolerant of children.

Several rules for choosing a Cane Corso puppy, or what a dog should be: Not less than one and a half months. At forty-five days, the livestock technician examines the litter, and puppy cards are issued for all of them, which indicates whether the baby meets the breed standard.

Nimble, independent and sociable. A kid with a normal psyche runs up to meet the guests, fiddles with littermates and is interested in toys. If the dog sits quietly, not trying to approach, or leaves with his tail between his legs, this is a sign of illness or cowardice.

Strong. A healthy Cane Corso puppy has a strong body, thick paws, and a large head. Movements are fast, firm, confident. The coat is shiny. The belly should not be large or puffy, and the eyes should not be dull and watery. This is a sign of worms or poor cultivation. The ears of the baby Cane Corso are uncropped at this age.

Cane Corso puppy ear cropping

In the last few years, changes have been made to the breed standard to avoid cropping the Cane Corso’s ears. Moreover, dogs with cropped ears cannot be exhibited at exhibitions in some European countries. Therefore, when purchasing cane corso puppy, it is worth consulting with a breeder or an experienced breeder whether it is worth cutting the ears of the baby.

If the question rests only on a beautiful appearance (cropped ears give the dog a more frightening look), then it is better to feel sorry for the pet. Cane Corso’s ears are cropped under anesthesia, after the operation the ears heal for a long time and painfully.


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