Car pulls up near stray dog – what happens next forces the driver behind her to pull out the camera

Car pulls up near stray dog

Jess Garcia was heading to a family reunion with her mother and sister. They were crossing one of the Mexican streets when a scene unfolded before their eyes, which they could hardly believe. The person in the car in front of them opened the door and a split second later a dog appeared beside the vehicle.

Fortunately, everything was recorded on the phone and the video was uploaded. Not only the witnesses of the event, but also Internet users did not remain indifferent to these pictures. The fate of the dog completely changed in a few moments.

The sight of the frightened dog touched their hearts

The whole story started when Jess stopped her car at an intersection to wait for the green light to continue her journey to Mexico. It should be noted that this was a very busy street. At one point, she and her companions noticed a terrified dog running down the middle lane.

– He was wandering and desperate. He saw cars coming and was afraid to cross the road,” Garcia said, as quoted by The Dodo.

At one point, they noticed that someone in the car ahead of them had opened the door. However, at the time, they did not yet know what the driver’s intentions were towards the animal.

“The poor dog was terrified”

The white car opened the driver’s side door and they called him. We thought they were trying to help him,” Garcia reveals.

Then Jess decided it was a great opportunity to capture on video. After that, footage of the rescue operation appeared on the network. The recording clearly shows that the animal is clearly terrified and does not know what to do with itself. However, he acted as if he guessed the good intentions of those calling him.

“We understood that they wanted to help him and I decided to register him,” she said.

After a while, the dog was already in the car. When the light turned green, both cars started off at full speed.

The dog left for a better life

Unfortunately, just after passing the lights, Jess took a different direction than the white car whose passengers took the dog. Yet she had this in mind for a long time.

“The dog stuck his head out the passenger side window and looked very happy,” she said.

Even though Jess doesn’t know how the fate of the dog she met on her way unfolded, she can only hope that he found loving caregivers.

‚ÄúThis situation has made my day better in every way. I’ve never seen anything like it, it was a good thing in every way.”

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