Cardigan Welsh Corgi | Information & Dog Breed Facts


The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a small dog that was once used as a shepherd and waiter in Wales. A close relative of the popular Pembroke Welsh Corgi, this dog is less popular than its canine cousin. But despite this, this breed of dogs has a special character which makes it little sociable with other pets and shy with people it does not know, but on the contrary, is very loyal to its human family. In addition, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a very intelligent and easy to train dog.

If you want to have a pet in the form of a shepherd dog, but there is no way to keep such a large animal, you can find an alternative. There is a breed of Welsh Corgi dogs, its representatives are shepherd dogs, only very miniature.

If you are interested in adopting a dog of this breed, with an adorable appearance and a small but solid and resistant body, do not miss this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ breed sheet.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Origin of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

It is one of the oldest dog breeds in Great Britain and, as such, its origin is unknown. However, it is believed that it developed largely in the Welsh county of Cardiganshire, where it takes its name.

Initially, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan was used as a caretaker, both for property and for herds and livestock. However, when the Welsh shepherds realized the dogs’ ability to lead the herd, they began to use them as sheepdogs.

Over time, the needs of the shepherds have changed and the Welsh Corgi Cardigan has ceased to be useful in these lands. Gradually its popularity declined until the breed was on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, some specimens survived and left enough descendants to prevent extinction.

Until 1934, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were considered as a single breed of dog, but that year it was decided to separate the two varieties into two different breeds. Unfortunately, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan has never become a very popular dog, although it is no longer an endangered breed.

Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Physical characteristics of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

The ideal height for the cross of these dogs is 30 centimeters, and the weight should go in proportion to this size. It is one of the smallest sheepdogs, although that is not why it is less effective for such work. Its robust and rustic body is notoriously longer than it is tall. The legs are short bones, but very strong and thick.

The head of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan has a shape and appearance similar to the head of a fox. The nose is black and slightly protruding. The eyes are medium and soft and vigilant. They are usually dark, but blue eyes are accepted in blackbirds. The ears are large compared to the size of the dog, erect and with rounded tips.

The tail of this dog is moderately long and similar to that of the fox. This is one of the features that allows you to easily differentiate the Welsh Corgi Cardigan from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, since the latter has no tail or has a small one.

The coat is straight, hard in texture and can be short or medium in length. The undercoats are abundant. The coat can be any color, but white should not predominate.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Character and temperament of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

These dogs are very active, intelligent and alert. Like most sheepdogs, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation, as well as frequent support. According to the breed standard, these dogs must have a stable temperament, without being shy or aggressive. However, centuries of evolution as sheepdogs have turned them into animals reserved for strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Early socialization is very important with this breed, to prevent them from being aggressive or moody with people. It also helps a lot in canine relationships, but a Welsh Corgi Cardigan will hardly be a very sociable dog with those of its kind.

Aside from its tendency to be aggressive with other dogs and reserved for people, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan can present other behavioral problems. His strong grazing instinct leads him to be a barker and, in many cases, to nibble on his legs in his attempt to “bring people together”. These behaviors can be channeled into acceptable activities if sufficient physical and mental exercise is provided to the dogs.

Interesting! The intelligence of dogs of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed is so high that they are able to learn a new command the first time, and the ability to learn is manifested literally from the second month of a puppy’s life.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Important! For all their charm Cardigan Welsh Corgi are shepherd dogs, and they have some stubbornness, and can also ignore rough treatment and shouts.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, like all herding dogs, is naturally endowed with good health and strong immunity. But there is still a predisposition to some diseases:

  • Spine diseases – sometimes due to an elongated trunk.
  • Von Willebrand disease is a hereditary disease characterized by bleeding disorders, spontaneous bleeding. Often fatal.
  • Epilepsy – accompanied by seizures.
  • Dysplasia of the hip joint – deformation of the joints, accompanied by severe pain, lameness.
  • Raw eczema – skin lesions.
  • Diseases of the eyes.
  • Degenerative myelopathy is a severe, progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis of the lower limbs.
  • Cystinuria is an abnormal appearance of cystine in the urine.
  • Cutaneous asthenia is a hereditary disease.
  • Difficult puppy birth is due to the fact that the bitch has 1-2 large puppies (especially if the dog is a firstborn). Caesarean sections are often required.

With proper care, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi lives for 11-13 years. To keep your pet healthy, you need to do vaccinations and preventive examinations in a veterinary clinic on time.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Basic care

Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs are quite suitable for apartment maintenance, since they are small in size and practically do not have a specific smell. But the owner should take into account that such a pet needs physical activity, so it will be necessary to walk it twice daily for at least 40 minutes. During walks, try to give the dog an opportunity to run and frolic.

To be objective, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi tolerates bad weather and prefer to live outdoors.

Important! Jumping is contraindicated in Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies, as it puts a lot of stress on the weak ligaments of the spine and joints.

There are no difficulties in leaving, follow the rules below and the pet will have a well-groomed, healthy appearance:

  • Comb the Cardigan Welsh Corgi every day, the Pembroke less often, 2 times a week. During molting (2 times a year), the representatives of the two corgi species should be combed out daily, ridding the pets’ coat of dead hairs.
  • After each walk, due to the short limbs, the dog’s belly becomes dirty, it must be wiped with a damp piece of cloth. If the weather is rainy, your pet’s paws and stomach should be washed.
  • Regular, routine bathing is carried out every 6 months. Experienced dog owners timed bathing to coincide with a period of intense shedding.
  • Pay special attention to brushing your dog’s teeth and examining them. Corgis often suffer from periodontal disease and tartar. Therefore, it is important to regularly brush your pet’s teeth with a special paste, examine them and buy chewing bones for the dog.
  • Open, erect ears need frequent cleaning and examination.
  • Cut off the claws as they grow. Due to its activity, the pet usually grinds its claws on the road surface during long walks.
  • Wipe eyes once a week with cotton swabs, if excessive discharge is noticed, immediately consult a veterinarian.
  • Treat skin parasites (ticks, fleas) regularly.

A Cardigan Welsh Corgi owner should be aware that these animals tend to overeat. They can eat everything that is offered to them and everything that “lies badly”. Such gluttony leads to excess weight, obesity, as a result of which diseases of the cardiovascular system may occur. Based on the foregoing, feeding norms are determined for the corgi, and it is prohibited to deviate from them.

Cardigan puppy
Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy


All Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs love to eat, tend to be overweight, and sometimes are not picky about food.

They feel great on natural feeding, but in this case, the proportion of meat, that is, protein should be at least sixty-five percent.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies should be fed 5 times a day and adult dogs twice a day.

Once a puppy is 12 months old, it can be fed with food for adult dogs.

Carbohydrates in the form of cereals lead to excessively rapid weight gain, so their share in the daily diet does not exceed ten percent.

Boiled and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable oil and supplements in the form of vitamin complexes, the dog is given daily, as well as fermented milk products.

Pure milk is given only to puppy and suckling Cardigan Welsh Corgi females.

Many breeders use dry food in feeding Welsh Corgi. This is a good option for a fully balanced diet, but it should be super premium and appropriate for the dog’s physical activity. Low fat feeds are available as well as high protein feeds for stud dogs.

Important! You can not take your pet for an active walk immediately after eating. In addition, you cannot feed the animal immediately after intense physical activity: at least 1.5 hours must pass before eating.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Training and education

Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs have established themselves as easily and quickly trained dogs. The dog of this breed has the ability to learn, moreover, he is obedient and always ready to follow the orders of the owner. From the second or third time, the pet freely memorizes the commands.

But there is a problem during training, the fact is that a mobile, active corgi quickly gets bored with monotonous activities. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify the workouts, to make them more interesting. Also, harsh parenting methods cannot be used, the dog can lose confidence in the owner due to a rude attitude.

Representatives of the breed often take part in various competitions, in agility. They can be quickly taught circus numbers.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan Dog Breed Highlights

Have you decided to buy a Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this breed first. This will help you finally decide on the choice of a pet.

Positive points

  • The Welsh Corgi Cardigan makes a wonderful companion and a good pet.
  • He is loyal and loving by nature.
  • He is intelligent and in good hands, easy to train.
  • The Welsh Corgi Cardigan thrives on human company.
  • It is a low maintenance coat.
  • The Welsh Corgi Cardigan dogs are easy to care for.
  • He is a good watchdog.

Negative points

  • The Welsh Corgi Cardigan loses a lot of hair and even more in spring and autumn.
  • It is known to suffer from hereditary health problems, so veterinary bills can be high.
  • He may be small, but he likes to do a lot of daily physical exercise that includes long walks.
  • This dog is very adaptable being as happy to live in an apartment as in a house.
  • He has a high sense of prey.
  • Le Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies are hard to find and can be expensive.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi fun facts

Do not miss some of the most interesting sights about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. You probably didn’t know where his popularity came from, or what the name meant:

  • The name Corgi comes from the Celtic term “cor gi” which literally means “dwarf dog”, from where its origin is directly linked to this civilization.
  • For a long time, the two varieties of corgi crossed freely, which made them even more similar. It was only after the 1930s that breeders began to accentuate these differences through the selective breeding of specific specimens.
  • The increase in popularity of the breed in its Pembroke version was mainly due to the tenderness of Queen Elizabeth II for these animals. It was the beginning for the corgi to be one of the most popular breeds in many countries, and to be particularly appreciated as a pet and as a dog to be presented at dog shows.
  • They are cold-hardy animals, but they don’t like to be alone outside. They should still live indoors, even in a small apartment, which is fine for them as long as they exercise enough for the day.
  • The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a good dog with children and he has a lot of patience, he likes games and restlessness, so he is a perfect companion of misdeeds as long as they treat him with care.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy
Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy

After all the information about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, you may be considering sharing your life with one of these intelligent animals. If this is the case, do not hesitate to look for a breed breeder of good reputation and confidence, so that I can give you all the guarantees in terms of health and genetics. Never go to private sales or pet stores, because the origin of the puppies is doubtful and you will not have the necessary guarantees concerning the state of health of the animal.

Remember that the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has its own unique temperament, so be sure to do whatever is necessary to understand it and meet its needs, because only then can you have a good relationship with your pet. If you do, the corgi will be the most grateful animal, it will fill you with affection and attention, so don’t doubt that it is up to you to enjoy the company of your new best friend.