Caring for a Ragdoll cat


The ragdoll cat is a large breed of cat, better known for its soft and relaxed nature. They have long, thick fur dresses and marks that look like a Siamese. Caring for a Ragdoll cat should involve a regular feeding and grooming schedule, as well as regular visits to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations.

If you take good care of your ragdoll cat, he will be healthy, happy and will become a better active animal for your pleasure.

Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Place for a Ragdoll in the house

Ragdoll, by its very nature, has no aggressive instincts. They do not know how to fight other animals, they lack the natural ability to defend themselves, as other breeds of cats do. Therefore, the ragdoll cat must live in the house.

Interesting! Keep the litter box spotlessly clean. Cats are very specific about bathroom hygiene, and a clean litter box will help keep their coat healthy and tidy. Speaking of litter size – a large cat like a ragdoll needs the largest vessel possible so that it has enough room to turn and squat.

It is also important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the bedding on which the animal sleeps. Like many long-haired cat breeds, they not only shed, but can also get dirty while visiting the litter box. Cleaning the toilet after each visit will help to avoid the problem to some extent.


For a ragdoll cat, proper balanced nutrition plays a huge role. A kitten up to 4-5 weeks of age should be fed exclusively on mother’s breast milk. It provides the right mix of all the nutrients your little one needs to grow into a healthy adult cat. Also, breast milk contains antibodies necessary to prevent the development of the disease.

During the growth stage, the kitten should be provided with additional food. Immediately after mother’s milk, you can feed the baby with canned food diluted with water or other milk (but not cow’s milk, it can cause indigestion). A personal veterinarian can tell you more about the portion size and frequency of feeding after meeting the animal.

When the cat is about ten weeks old, it should be ready to eat dry food and canned food. You can start by choosing a brand of cat food from a pet store. Choosing a brand is a complex process that includes many factors.

Ragdoll cat needs a lot of protein. It is very important for the muscular and therefore the general health of the animal. The easiest way to get it is from ready-made canned cat food. Dry food tends to contain more cereals and other fillers. Such food is best avoided by ragdoll cats. But eating dry food that is balanced according to the needs of the ragdoll cat will help maintain healthy gums and maxillofacial muscles.

Read the label carefully when choosing canned food. It will indicate the daily rate depending on the weight and age of the animal. If the cat has any health problems, the veterinarian may recommend the use of dietary supplements. Cats need vitamins and minerals just like humans, and this should also be considered when choosing food.


Ragdoll cats have long hair, but the undercoat is poorly developed, due to which mats are not formed. However, brushing is necessary. It is recommended to do this once a week, and during the molting period – two to three times a week. Combing should start with a fine comb and finish with a massage brush. It is recommended to tidy up the head, chest and neck first, then comb the back and sides, and lastly the legs and abdomen. It is better not to comb the tail without an urgent need at all. To remove loose hair, you can run wet hands over the coat (including the tail) several times. Check the tail regularly for stuck-on feces. If present, they are removed with wet baby wipes.

During the moulting period, cats are given a special paste to remove hair from the stomach.


Washing cats is a last resort and should only be used when necessary (2-3 times a year). Ragdoll cats do an excellent job of maintaining cleanliness of the body, so they should be bathed only for prophylaxis, in case of severe pollution, before exhibition and mating. For bathing, use only special shampoos that can be purchased at pet stores.

You can bathe a ragdoll in a bathtub or a basin. At the bottom, you need to lay a towel so that the pet’s paws do not slip, and the cat feels more confident. Lather the wool once or twice. It is undesirable to apply detergents to the head; it is wiped with a damp sponge or hands. After washing, the wool must be thoroughly rinsed with running water. Remains of shampoo when the coat dries will make the hair stick together. You can dry the wool with a towel or hairdryer. In the latter case, not until completely dry, so as not to overdry the hair and skin. Until the coat is completely dry, the pet should be in a warm room without drafts. After bathing, follow the standard brushing procedure.

Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cat

Ears, teeth, eyes and claws care

Ragdoll ears need weekly check-ups and monthly cleaning. For ear cleaning, it is recommended to purchase a special liquid or use vegetable / olive oil to moisten cotton swabs. With a damp cotton swab (with a stopper) or a piece of cotton wool, you should carefully remove excess wax and dirt from the visible inner surface of the ear in the direction from the base to the tip. It is better not to touch clean ears at all. Usually, the ear cleaning procedure is carried out once or twice a month.

Claws need to be trimmed (every 10-15 days) not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons, especially if the ragdoll is not the only pet in the house or there are children in the house. To trim the claws, special forceps are used – claws, but you can also use other suitable, well-sharpened tools (nippers, guillotines). It is only necessary to cut off the tip of the claw without touching the opaque part at the base of the claw (living tissue), and only evenly – cutting obliquely will only “sharpen” the claws even more. In the absence of the opportunity or unwillingness to cut the nails on their own, the owner can seek help from a veterinarian or a beauty salon for animals. When clipping nails, hemostatic (hemostatic powder, corn starch, edible gelatin) and disinfectants (chlorhexidine, 3% hydrogen peroxide, etc.) should always be at hand (just in case).

Ragdolls’ eyes should be examined daily and, as necessary, removed with a damp cloth or soft damp cloth (use a separate cloth or piece of cloth for each eye). Fleece and cotton wool are not suitable for this procedure, as the villi can scratch the mucous membrane of the eyes. For this procedure, pet stores sell eye lotions. If they are absent, you can use cool boiled water.

Cats’ teeth also need to be monitored and if problems are found, seek help from a veterinarian. Dry food and pieces of raw meat contribute to brushing your teeth. For cleaning, use a special toothpaste and a brush for animals. The kitten has been taught to this procedure since childhood. Teeth should be brushed once to four times a month. The more often the better.


The litter box should be kept in a secluded area for privacy, but should not be too far away to make it difficult to access for cleaning. Usually, a laundry room or a spare room is a good location.

We recommend digging the inside of the box at least once a day and replacing litter weekly. If you have more than one cat, it may be necessary to clean the box twice a day, morning and evening for example.

There are many different brands and types of litter, it is simply a matter of preference. The main thing is to find something that your cat will use, is easy to keep clean and affordable for your budget.


As with any pet, taking good care of a Ragdoll cat should be supervised by a professional, you should regularly bring your ragdoll cat to a veterinarian according to his recommendations.

You will want to receive vaccinations and any other treatment that will keep your cat healthy and safe.

There may be special considerations if your ragdoll spends more time outdoors, such as pest control and increased susceptibility to disease. Make sure you discuss it with your veterinarian and develop a logical plan.

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