Caring For Persian Cats


The Persian cat is one of the most popular cat breeds. Recognized for his sweet and gentle personality and long hairs, in addition to his very attractive features. These cats are great companions for virtually everyone and undemanding.

Persian cat
Persian cat

Persian | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Unlike other breeds, such as the Siamese breed, the Persian cat requires very little attention. From the care of the hair to the considerations of temperament, there are many things to consider to take good care of a Persian cat.

In addition to accessories that any cat may need, such as a litter box, a scraper, toys … a Persian cat will always need your greatest attention to the grooming of his coat.

Persian cats should always be kept inside the house to protect their coat. If they go outside, they can easily damage it. They will also have to be brushed every day with a metal comb, otherwise their coat could become entangled, which would lead to the creation of hairballs.

You will also need to regularly wash your Persian cat to protect its coat, and it works best when the cat is young, because he will get used to it. The bath should never be overlooked as this will keep your cat’s coat clean and healthy.

Although some breeds can take care of their fur alone, the Persians can not. Their fur is long and dense and you will need to groom them every day to keep their coat clean.

The Persian breed is sweet and kind, gets along well with everyone – including children. They have a nice voice that is always nice to hear. By using their voice and their eyes, they can communicate very well with their owners.
They are very playful and yet enjoy attention and love to be admired.

Unlike other cats, they do not climb and do not jump a lot. They are not destructive either; they love to be admired. Most of the time, Persian cats love to bask in the sun and show others how beautiful they are.

Although most breeds can be kept indoors or outdoors, Persian cats should always be kept indoors and never be allowed out of the house.
By keeping them inside, you protect their coat and protect them from diseases and parasites. You will not have to worry about cars or dogs if you keep your pet indoors.

To take good care of a Persian cat, you must make sure that it stays healthy, for this you must always take it to the vet once a year. If properly cared for, such as grooming, vaccinations and exams, Persian cats can live up to 20 years.

Persian cat
Persian cat

One thing you need to know, which is common to the Persian cat, these are his eyes. They are very large and can sometimes be too difficult to clean for the cat. It is a common health problem for this breed of cat and needs to be checked regularly to make sure it is not out of control.

When you compare Persian cats to other breeds, you will notice that these are among the easiest to keep. You do not have to worry about things like jumping or climbing, because Persian cats do not like doing it either. All you have to do is feed your cat and groom him daily.

Although grooming can be very laborious in the long run, it’s worth it if you have a beautiful, healthy Persian cat.


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